Mood Foods Açai & Blueberry OmBar

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Mood Foods Açcai & Blueberry OmBar

Another raw chocolate bar, this time from Mood Foods in Cambridge. The wrapper is a bit battered because I had it stashed in the glove box of my car and only discovered it the other day.

This one is packed full of purple antioxidant power, containing powered freeze dried blueberry and Açai (pronounced as-ah-ee). Using powdered fruit rather than whole gives the chocolate a consistent flavour – there are no fruity highs or chocolatey bits here – and it’s very fruity indeed, with the blueberry being the predominant taste. It sits well with the dark chocolate flavour (this chocolate is 50% raw cocoa) which has the characteristic fast melting, smooth, clean mouthfeel.

Mood Foods Acai & Blueberry OmBar

For raw chocolate this bar is very zingy. The underlying cocoa flavours are topped by a very bright, tingling citrus note from the berries. The finish is definitely more cocoa than fruit with the blueberry and acai providing a palate-cleansing climax to a soft, rich mouthful.

I liked this enough to be interested in trying some more. Next time I pass a health food shop I shall be keeping an eye out for more Mood Foods bars (particularly the banana and hemp seed one).


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