Heavens Above Milk Chocolate With Orange Oil

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This is the last of the Heavens Above bars I bought from John Lewis a few weeks ago. I would have reviewed it sooner, but quite frankly, I’ve been putting it off. The other two bars were so disappointing and I feel bad when Chocablog is full of negative reviews.

As you can see, this bar shares the same “tongue in cheek” design as the rest of the Heavens Above range. Looking at the back of the box, I can see that it contains 30% cocoa solids, that the main ingredient is sugar and that it cost £3.50. But it does also apparently contain real orange oil.

Biting into the bar and you can tell why sugar is listed as the main ingredient. It’s pretty sweet, although it’s also quite creamy. The orange flavour is quite pleasant, and the overall effect is… well… acceptable.

But it doesn’t taste like a premium chocolate in any way. And that’s a major issue for a bar that retails at £3.50 for 70g. While the chocolate itself is not offensive in any way, it’s simply not worth anything like £3.50.

If you like cheap, orangey chocolate, then I’d recommend picking up a Terry’s Chocolate Orange instead. And the fact that I’m recommending a Chocolate Orange over this should tell you everything you need to know.


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