Hotel Chocolat Little Angels

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Hotel Chocolat Little Angels

Time for more Hotel Chocolat Christmas specials. This time we have angel shapes made in solid white chocolate and ‘caramel chocolate’ – a blend of milk chocolate and caramel. It’s part of the same range as the Chilli Penguins and Kissing Mistletoe, with ten pieces in each box.

The white chocolate angels are 28% cocoa solids and 31% milk solids. They are smooth and creamy, but importantly not too sweet. Serious dark chocolate lovers are probably still going to find them too sweet, but personally I liked them – and I’m sure the kids will go for them too.

Hotel Chocolat Little Angels

I’ve mentioned before how much I love Hotel Chocolat’s caramel chocolate. It’s a creamy milk chocolate (31% cocoa solids, 27% milk solids) with a wonderful smoky, caramelly tang. In fact, it’s so delicious, I know I’m going to have to give the rest of this box away or I’ll just keep stuffing my face until I explode.

And purely because of the caramel chocs, this is my favourite of the Hotel Chocolat bunch that I’ve tried this year. To be honest, with the exception of the Christmas Wreath, they’re not as… mad… as I would have liked, but in terms of quality, Hotel Chocolat gets top marks once again.


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  1. Oliver

    Tried to find some today in MK.. so popular, they were out of stock 🙁 – though they get them in tomorrow

  2. Olivia

    I work in a Hotel Chocolat and nearly everything is out of stock! But these are certainly one of the favourites this Christmas, but a few people found it too sweet. I do love these though, nice review 🙂

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