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I chose to wait for the right moment to enjoy my Nestle Munchies. A soak in an aromatic bubble bath, a candle lit room, a nice glass of wine, a good film…then open the Munchies. Yes, Munchies deserve that don’t they?

“So what did you think of the Munchies?” I asked my son sometime later. “Oh, they were okay I guess” he replied, “but I don’t think I’ll get them again.”

What!? A child of mine doesn’t like Munchies!? I immediately pulled out the family album to compare family features. Surely he must have been swapped at birth….?

Later that evening, my time had come. I opened up the Munchies, popped one in my mouth just waiting for that delicious Munchie Moment I remember from all those years ago…then…my mouth went motionless as I quickly checked that I had actually put a chocolate in my mouth and not some cardboard packaging. I tasted another and looked closely at my old favourites. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. Heck, I hadn’t felt this gutted since the Interflora van pulled up outside my house on my last birthday and the delivery guy walked down the next door neighbour’s path.

A pack of Munchies contains 12 individual chocolates. ‘Milk chocolate with soft caramel and crisp biscuit centre’ is the description on the packet. My argument = milk chocolate? Since when has milk chocolate tasted like dried out cardboard? Soft caramel? Ok, so you don’t loose a filling with the caramel but I doubt it would slowly drip the way only a good caramel can. Crisp biscuit? Fair enough, I won’t argue with this.

Maybe I had been unlucky enough to buy from a bad batch? With this possibility in mind I went out and bought six more packs from different shops. I did this because I am committed to my chocablogging duties.

Psst – while Dom isn’t looking…between you and me; it’s because I wasn’t ready to accept that my, yes *my* Munchies had changed.

I accept the deal about Wagon Wheels and Curly Wurlies. Yeah Yeah, it’s me that has grown and not the confectionary that has shrunk (well, maybe I accept this) BUT this isn’t merely about size, although size does matter (sorry guys), this is about the whole chocolate, the whole taste, the whole choccing thing.

The result of the whole nine yards, erm, packs of Munchies is that: I hadn’t bought a dud pack in the first place. Munchies are no longer the delicious little chocolates that made you wonder why they came in tubes and not in a fancy box. They are no longer the scrummy delight that would sway you into accepting a second date should your beau present you with a pack to munch during the film. They are now little more than a dry, bland imitation of my dear sweet chocamemories.

You can buy Nestlé Munchies online using the links below.


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  1. I too was sad when I tasted them. The idea of them is so solidly good … but they were just bland, grainy and sweet.

  2. When I saw the title for this, I thought “OOO Munchies, that cow Chocstress got their first… damn!” but having read your review I’m rather glad that it was you that got to be bitterly disappointed and not me… 🙁

  3. Sometimes it is better to let childhood memories stay where they are – in childhood. s

  4. You made me want munchies and spoiled the dream…! Oh well. I have fond memories of my Dad having them in the glove compartment in the car, and we’d be allowed one on a long trip somewhere….mmmmmm! Still tempted to buy some to confirm that they are not what I remember.

  5. Sarah

    Have Munchies always been called ‘Munchies’ or were they known under a different name years ago?

  6. Chocstress (Chocablog Staff)

    There are some Mint Munchies which are plain chocolates with a mint flavoured fondant cream centre. They were originally called Mintola, but the name was changed to Mint Munchies in June 1995.

    I recall a TV advert where the theme was all about the name and should it be changed. Basically the advert was saying that because the chocolates are so delicious surely they deserve a more fitting name.
    For me personally, product now fits the name – which is so sad.

    As far as I’m aware, the name has never changed since the product was launched.

  7. this munchies look all delicious!! UMMM! i’m already gettin’ hungry. 🙂 well i wish i could eat some rite now.

    yours truly,

  8. Chocoholic123

    mmm ive got the munchies they are gorge i could eat and eat them which isnt really a good thing! 🙂

  9. i would like to contact nestle coz in my country they dnt get munchies and i love them so much they are my fav chocolate and i would like to ask maybe i can buy them online or they import them to malta

  10. Richard Cranium

    I did a double-take when I saw Munchies for sale in a local shop about a month ago. I hadn’t had Munchies for about 30 years.

    So I bought two packs: one for me, one for the Missus.

    I decided I must have a defective memory: I was sure I used to like Munchies but these were not very nice at all.

    My wife’s reaction: “Don’t bother buying them again”.

  11. Kevin Wong

    nestle are ever and must be shunned. They destroyed Munchies. Have you tasted a Yorkie recently – also ruined.

  12. Steve

    the first time i had munchies was at the age of 4 years old, after moving to america for the past 13 years, i’m back in good old Ireland, and i saw my old love, munchies n the corner shop by my old house and i practically came when i saw the pack of munchies, so i shelled out the over the top 95 cent for the single pack of munchies and opened the wrapping and dropped 3 into my mouth at once and i honest to god almost cried, i completely agree with you chocstress nestle have taken unreal chocolates and destroyed them

  13. Richie Rich

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Nestle must and shall be shunned!

    I admit that I carry a cross and garlic in preparation should a Nestle product come to within three feet of me, but having been given a sack of mini KitKats I thought I’d give one a whirl. The flavour was a violation. Is there any cocoa in that brown stuff around the edges?

    My four year old girl turned to me and said “poor”.

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Now I carry an emergency folding travel stake.

  14. Dr. Nathan Harding

    No, I disagree. I like them.

  15. Tiara

    I’m sorry, those pictures don’t look like chocolates. They look like wax creations of chocolates. I live in the US so I’ve never had Munchies (although I have a friend from UK who said they’re her favorite), but I’d be disappointed too if chocolate I bought looked that awful.

  16. Stephanie Britton

    Dear Nestle,
    We are writing to you today regarding a concerning and funny matter.

    We as chocolate lovers have enjoyed your products over a combined 50 years and we have grown to love and respect the very brand that you portray. Your products and services have always been found of the upmost quality and we have no question in referring your brand to any other person whatsoever.

    During one monster session we had the sudden urge to raid the fridge and chocolate draw and we had previously bought a tube of munchies. We were suffering from an incredible bout of the munchies that we simply had to eat them. Our eyes lit up at the size of the tube of munchies and the veritable feast we were about to endure, chocolate indulgence at its best.

    So we sat down in our comfortable home, our mouths salivating at the thought of them munchies sorting my munchies rrright out. So we opened the packet inside the tube and pored the munchies from the bag into the tube, we found there must have been some error in the packaging as the chocolates inside the tube were not even 1/5 deep of the cardboard container.

    We are sorry we couldn’t send you the packaging and the chocolates, we were so hammered that the small amount of chocolates that was there were done rrright in within seconds and we were still majorly needing more chocolate to clench our major munchie attack.

    So in the end we had to drive to KFC to do a bargain bucket in because we were pure starving after the measly portion of munchies that we had to fight over.

    I felt the need to tell you our story because of the amount of tension that it caused within our household. We would like to make a suggestion that it may have been the packaging machine at fault or the severe nature of our ravenous hunger for chocolate, if you know what I mean, you know what I mean. Lol.

    Many thanks for taking your time to read our thoughts, any correspondence if not too much trouble would be greatly appreciated. May I take this time to wish everyone at nestle a very happy new year for 2012.

    Kind Regards (Just off for a bifta) 😀

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