Rococo Chocolates Valentine’s Special

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Rococo Chocolates Valentine's Special

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice, but Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. And what better gift for someone you love than great chocolate. This cute little box of ganaches turned up on my doorstep last week (not from a secret admirer unfortunately!), so rather than just scoff them in 15 seconds, I thought I should probably tell you about them.

‘Mara des Bois’ Strawberry & Rhubarb

Strawberry jelly layere with rhubarb and white chocolate ganache in a milk chocolate square. A tangy and sweet filling that’s well matched to the milk chocolate, with the slightly tart strawberry helping to cut through the sweetness.

Rococo Chocolates Valentine's Special

Blackberry & Star Anise

Blackberry purée and dark chocolate ganache, infused with star anise in a dark chocolate square. A rich and fruity dark ganache with a smooth texture and just a hint of anise.

Lemon & Violet

Crushed lemon purée and violet white chocolate ganache in a milk chocolate heart. Sweet, but zingy! The lemon overpowers any trace of violet for me, but that’s quite Ok. Not the most sophisticated chocolate in the selection, but one that’s packed full of flavour.

Rococo Chocolates Valentine's Special

Lychee, Rose & Raspberry

A lychee, rose & raspberry dark chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate form. More lychee and rose than raspberry, this dark ganache is another rich and intense experience.

Overall, a simple and elegant little box of ganaches that are great for those who love fruity flavours and want something a little more sophisticated. They’re packed with flavour and make the perfect simple gift for Valentine’s Day.


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  1. each flavour combination sounds quite adventurous!
    if only these would turn up at my door! :’)

  2. natasha breindel

    what an undersell – the Lychee, Rose & Raspberry is an award winning chocolate and one of my favourites. I cannot live without it. The sweetness of the rose and lychee is contrasted with the bitterness of the raspberry. The flavours blend together superbly. The chocolate is full of flavour and one bit is enough to give a wonderful rich taste. I agree with your comments on the lemon and violet it is not one that I usually buy. However although there is a strong lemon taste, all of the rococo flavours taste natural and the lemon is not as intense as the lemon flavour green and black bar which has a very strong punch to it.

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