Thornton’s Continental Milk, White & Dark Collection

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Thornton’s Continental

There seems to be a fashion for adding the word “collection” to the name of your box of chocolates at the moment. In the last week alone, I’ve looked at Godiva’s “Platinum Collection” and Lindt’s “Precious Collection“.

So how does Thornton’s offering measure up? Can it compare to Lindt’s offering?

Well not quite, but it’s not far off.

As you can see, this is a large box of chocolates – and pretty good value too at £10 for 30 chocolates. Compare that to the £8.50 I spent on 8 decidedly average Godiva chocs, and I’m sure you’ll agree this is a pretty good deal in comparison.

Thornton’s Continental

I don’t have the space in this review to talk about all the different chocolates in this box. Suffice to say, there’s a good mix of white and milk chocolates with different fillings. I would have preferred a few more dark chocolates, but there should be something for everyone here.

Most of the fillings are variations on the soft truffle theme, with one exception – a white chocolate filled with a very light lemon mousse. I wasn’t expecting anything so light and citrussy, so this was a bit of a surprise. A pleasant one though.

The quality and presentation of all the chocolates is good and while not up to Lindt’s standard, it certainly offers better value for money if price is an issue for you. So would I buy these as a Christmas gift?

Well, no. You see, the problem with Thornton’s that I keep coming back to is the outdated image they have. And while these chocs are significantly better than some other Thornton’s products I’ve tried, they still have the problem of saying “Thornton’s” on the box.

But what I would certainly consider doing is buying a box of these to have around the house for guests over the holidays. An alternative to the more usual tin of Quality Street or Roses.


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  1. Rachel

    I love the citrussy lemon ones!!
    I agree they need a brand make-over, Thornton’s makes me think of everyone’s nan.

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