The Melange Chocolate : Orange & Chilli

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The Melange Chocolate : Orange & Chilli

This wafer thin sample came courtesy of Peckham based The Melange Chocolate Company (“Maylange Rodney, Maylange”). With winter fast approaching, a little dark chocolate with orange and chilli was quite appealing.

As you can see, this sample was incredibly thin. I was impressed with how thin they’d managed to get it.

The Melange Chocolate : Orange & Chilli

This is not to say that it lacks flavpur though. The 72% cocoa dark chocolate spreads soft, slightly bittersweet flavour over the tongue as light citrus from the orange element is released. The chilli comes in towards the end, and there’s plenty of it. Not fiery hot, but a spreading, building heat which lingers at the finish. It’s a little warmer than some but not worryingly hot. I found the balance of flavours very pleasant indeed.

The Melange specialise in fruity, spicy chocolate combinations, and a glance at their website tells me that they also do wine and chocolate tasting evenings, so there’s a good chance I might find myself in Peckham sometime soon. Based on this sample, I’d also be quite keen to try more – particularly coriander and grapefruit and ginger and lime bars, which sound rather delightful.

The Melange is also a café, serving home made sorbets, as well as tea and coffee, and Isabelle the chocolatiere also does chocolate making workshops. Sounds like a good place to hang out!


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  1. Would love to visit the shop and try some but that would mean a 10-hour flight to London…which is OK with me!

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