Galaxy Bubbles

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Galaxy Bubbles

It seems the folks at Mars UK have a bit of a thing for Galaxy at the moment. Not only have we just seen the relaunch of that 70s classic Galaxy Counters, but now it seems they want to steal some of Cadbury and Nestlé’s thunder by putting air bubbles into their chocolate.

Not exactly original perhaps, but I thought it would be interesting to see how it compared to the other bubbly chocolates on the market, not to mention the ever-growing line of Galaxy branded chocolate.

Galaxy Bubbles

As is often the case with Galaxy, one of the most noticeable features is the shape of the bar itself. So here we have yet another curvy design, that does look rather tempting when combined with the glossy – if rather pale – milk chocolate.

I say ‘milk chocolate’, but obviously like the rest of the Galaxy range, this has some of the cocoa butter replaced with cheap vegetable fat, and is only 25% cocoa solids. But still. At least it’s pretty to look at.

Galaxy Bubbles

You do get a decent amount of air for your money too. As you can see, bubble size is quite large and closer to Nestlé’s Aero than Cadbury Wispa.

The texture is nice and light, but those bubbles have a real affect on the flavour as well. They seem to amplify the creaminess and sweetness of this already sweet and creamy chocolate. That’s probably exactly what the average Galaxy lover wants, but for me it’s just far too sweet and tastes more like sugary milk than it does chocolate.

As with the rest of the Galaxy range, if that sweet, milkiness appeals to you, then I’m sure you’ll love this, but it’s not something I’ll be buying again.


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  1. angelaobscura

    it’s horrid! i thought, like you it would be ok, i fancied some galaxy one day which is a real rarity for me, although i’m partial to a ripple now and again, so i thought i’d try this! how wrong i was.. i will definately not be trying it again! stick to an aero or a wispa (my personal choice of bubblies!) or just a straightforward galaxy bar and you won’t be dissappointed! x

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    I’m so glad it’s not just me! 🙂

  3. angelaobscura

    no i didn’t even finish it, so unenjoyable!

  4. Marcee/IL

    Ohmygosh …. THIS candy doesnotlookgoodorevenappetizing. Yucky.

  5. Loly

    This galaxy bubbles is the most AMAZING chocolate I’ve ever tasted @.@ I ate it a while back then and I cannot forget how it tasted I felt like melting it has a really yummy taste :3 I don’t live in the uk so naw I am going to order it XD LUV IT!!!!

  6. Lily

    I feel a bit naughty having one of these 😉
    But mmm, they’re so good!

  7. I hate this choclate bar it has bubles and when you eat the choclate it goes down

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