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Every once in a while, something unexpectedly exciting arrives on my doorstep. This rather attractive little box caught my attention, as the quality is above average for simple handmade chocolates.

But the chocolates inside are even more interesting.

The nine moulded chocolates remind me of Paul Wayne Gregory’s chocolates. A uniform size and shape with simple decorations for each flavour.

But it’s the flavours themselves that are the most unusual thing about these chocolates.  Made with wild, local, organic ingredients, Charlottle changes them constantly, depending on what’s in season. And in my box, I had Scots Pine, Larch, Wild Mint and Elderflower & Lemon.

I’m fairly certain I’ve never eaten larch flavour chocolates before.

The Elderflower and Lemon chocolate is quite down to earth though. It’s a very subtly fruity and flowery white chocolate ganache in 70% dark chocolate, and it’s really very pleasant. Nothing unusual or challenging here, just a nicely made chocolate.

The wild mint is kind of amazing. it’s the freshest, most natural mint flavour chocolate I’ve had in a long time. The dark ganache is perfectly smooth, but it’s so full of flavour, it’s almost like having fresh mint leaves in your mouth. I’m not the biggest fan of mint flavour chocolate, but I did enjoy this.

Next up was the Scots Pine. Perhaps surprisingly, this isn’t the first pine flavoured chocolate we’ve reviewed, as Simon looked at this ‘Christmas Tree’ flavour chocolate a couple of years ago.

The pine flavour is very noticeable, yet works well with the dark chocolate ganache. The flavour reminds me a little of the ION Mastic bar from Greece, but done in a much more subtle and elegant way.

Finally, we have that other tree-flavour, the Larch. Slightly more subtle than the Scots Pine flavour, and a little sweeter. There’s still a definite hint of ‘tree’, but I think this one may be my favourite of the bunch.

The chocolates are available to buy on the Charlotte Flower website for around £1 each, which is about the going rate for quality handmade chocolates like these. As the selection is changing constantly though, I recommend emailing or calling first to see what’s currently available.


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  1. Thanks for sharing a taster of these with me! I love the elegant packaging & thought the pine ganache worked surprisingly well. Very classy chocs!

  2. Number One – The Larch.

    The Larch.

  3. Ooh, not seen these before, they look very good. Intrigued by larch.

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