Feeding Your Imagination ‘Seductive’

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This is the second of Paul Da Costa Greaves’ ‘FYI‘ bars I’ve reviewed, and this time we’re in the realms of seduction (apparently) with a 73% cacao bar which contains ginger, Jasmine Green Tea and Goji Berries. The self styled ‘Chef, Spiritual Healer and Chocolate Therapist’ (busy man!) has once again used primarily Organic and fairly traded ingredients to bring us a unique combination of ingredients in a chocolate bar.

For a bar with such a lot going on inside, it has a fairly neutral chocolate aroma, with only the slightest hint of flora/fruit aromas. As you might expect, the first flavour to appear when tasting is the ginger. The warmth is almost immediate, but unlike a lot of ginger chocolates it tends to stay fairly low key, as the Jasmine Green tea lends softer, floral notes to the mix. The Goji berries are there at the end – tiny fragments of bright citrussy fruit making for a clean, lightly acidic finish.

All things considered I thought the balance of flavours was done really well. Each element is evident and the overall effect of the combination is very pleasant indeed. it’s an unusual set of flavours but in combination they work very well together, and the chocolate is rather moreish. What I do take exception to is the ‘blurb’ on the packaging. Someone cranked up the ‘pretentious foodie guff machine’ to eleven for this bar.

I quote:

“Karma comes to mind as the Green Tea & Jasmine enlighten you.”

and if that wasn’t enough, try this for size –

“The melting chocolate escapes and fills your eager mouth, as the tip of your tongue splits lasciviously with slight flicked zeal, it glides slowly across moistened lips, making way for that full on goji berry experience.”

Now as far as I can tell, that isn’t even English. It is most definitely the worst kind of twaddle, and the sort of thing that is guaranteed to turn me into my old English Master. No, no and no. That sort of pretentious nonsensical foodie garbage is the stuff of satire. There’s really no place for it.

So, great tasting chocolate, sensibility – offending packaging blurb. I can only hope someone has another look at what’s written on FYI’s product range and decides to save us from further abuse of the English language.


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