Chocolate Truffle Co. Noir Collection Costa Rica 64

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Such a long name for such a simple and diminutive (48g) bar of chocolate!

But the really interesting thing about this particular bar of chocolate is that “Rainforest Alliance Certified” logo. According to Christine Moss of the Chocolate Truffle Company, it’s the UK’s first Rainforest Alliance Certified chocolate.

The Rainforest Alliance works with local producers to conserve the forest, promote sustainable business practices and improve the lives of cocoa growers. So that little frog on the wrapper means you’re doing some good while you’re treating yourself.

Of course, this is all well and good, but it means nothing if the product isn’t up to scratch. And luckily, this bar is particularly good.

It’s smooth, rich and dark with a distinct fruity note that reminded me of the Amano Madagascar bar I reviewed last year. I’ve never been particularly good at describing dark chocolate, so I’ll just say that I liked it. A lot. This little 48g bar lasted me a couple of days, just breaking off a small chunk every time I needed a lift.

I found the plastic packaging mildly annoying (it would look much better wrapped in foil and paper), but the chocolate itself is top notch. Serious dark chocolate aficionados will love it. I did – and I’m neither serious, or dark.


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  1. susan cunningham

    I must say the wrapper leaves this bar of chocolate down very badly. I like the frog logo but the wrapper cheapens the product. This dark sultry chocolate block needs a beautiful foil wrap and red ribbon. Would love to taste this block of luxury, a must for any chocolate indulger.

  2. That’s cleared my thoughts. Thanks for coiubnrtting.

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