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I always look forward to deliveries from Chococo. I always know that inside that colourful packaging is something a bit special. And I always know that the chocolates inside are going to look as good as the box.

Chococo source many of their ingredients locally and organically. They use quality couverture, including making extensive use of Grenada Chocolate, and that always comes through in their flavours.

This box contains a mix of seasonal flavours and chocolates from the wider Chococo range, and rather than talking about all sixteen, I thought I’d just pick out some of my favourites.

Prune & Armagnac
French prunes, steeped in Armagnac in a dark chocolate dome. I’m not a great fan of prunes, but this is deliciously Christmassy. The filling is soft and smooth, and neither too sweet or too alcoholic.

Salt Sweet Smoke
A liquid caramel made withs smoked sea salt and muscovado. A little different from the average salted caramel – the smoke is subtle, but the flavour of the muscovado really comes through.

Old Thumper
Made with local beer from the Ringwood Brewery and muscovado in a milk chocolate shell, and another favourite. The balance of the beer and sugar is spot on – I could happily eat a whole box of these.

Blackcurrant Beauty
A dark chocolate with blackcurrant puree and a layer of ganache infused with blackcurrant liqueur. Probably the blackcurrantiest chocolate in the world! If you like Ribena, you’ll love this!

Mulled Wine
Claire Burnet gave me a sneak peek at this at Chocolate Unwrapped last month. Made with red wine, orange, clove, cinnamon, star anise and rum, she wanted a second opinion before launching this particular chocolate. Needless to say that I (and everyone else who tried it) loved it. It’s quite subtle, but wonderfully warming. The perfect reminder of Christmas.

Gingerbread Feast
A dark chocolate praline flavoured with ginger, cinnamon and cloves. This really is gingerbread in chocolate form. A smooth texture combined with a deliciously spicy flavour make this another Christmas must-try chocolate.

Green Spice
White chocolate ganache infused with cardamom, dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in pistachios. This bright green chocolate actually has very subtle flavours. The white chocolate filling is wonderfully light and smooth, and of course any chocolate covered in this many pistachios is an instant winner.

Overall, another beautifully made and presented box of chocolates from Chococo. As a treat for yourself or as a Christmas gift, you really can’t go wrong with this kind of quality. They’re available in a variety of sizes, but I’d recommend going for the ‘Advent’ box with 25 chocolates. If you can manage to stick to just one a day, you have more willpower than me!


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  1. Jen

    Jealous!! I wish I wasn’t ill last week so I could have helped you. That would have been a nice birthday treat. 🙂 xx

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