Mama’s Chocolate & Mint Cream Fudge

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Here’s something I picked up at my local farmers market on a very hot day in Finchley. It was my first visit to the market and I wasn’t expecting to see anything chocolate related, especially on the hotest day of the year, so it was a pleasant surprise to find a fudge cellar nestled away in a shaded alcove.

This was the only chocolate variety on offer, and a quick glance at their web site reveals that they’re more into their cupcakes than fudge – and this particular variety isn’t even shown on their site.

For £2.95, you get nine large pieces of fudge, which as you can see look quite appealing. Open the bag, and there’s a very subtle fudge aroma, but not as much as I was expecting. But when you bite into it, you’re immediately hit by the less-than-subtle mint flavour.

When combined with the soft, creamy fudge texture, the effect is quite similar to biting into a peppermint cream, and it’s a little strong for my liking. The first bite of the first chunk is nice, but by the time you’ve had two chunks, it all starts to get a bit much.

The chocolate layer on the other hand is much more subdued. Even when taken in isolation, it’s not easy to pick out the chocolate. That’s a bit of a shame, because the look and texture of the fudge is spot on.

Overall though, I did enjoy this. Or rather, I have enjoyed the tree chunks I’ve had so far. The rest will be sealed away for at least a day before I’m ready to face it again.


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