Green & Black’s Creamy Milk

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Green & Black's Creamy Milk

Green & Black’s have been pushing this bar quite hard lately. Oddly, there seems to be a lot of large ads for it in London Underground stations at the moment, proclaiming that it’s a creamier and lighter than their standard milk chocolate bar which (they claim) some people find “too dark”. I’m not sure I believe that.

The standard Green & Black’s milk chocolate bar is 34% cocoa solids, while this is 30%. G&B make a big play about the Dominican Republic Trinitario beans and “real Madagascan vanilla” used in the bar. They don’t tell you where the sugar comes from though – and there’s rather a lot of it in this block.

Green & Black's Creamy Milk

Despite being sold as a creamier milk chocolate, the taste is more akin to a rich white chocolate. It’s very creamy and sweet, and – as the wrapper says – it melts effortlessly in the mouth. But it does have some nice cocoa flavours too. There’s a hint of nuttiness, and lots of vanilla.

Rather than being a step down from G&B’s 34% milk bar, I would classify this as little more than a step up from Dairy Milk. None of the advertising says so, but I’m sure that’s the market they’re going for. There’s no nasty added vegetable fats here, but sugar and milk powder are still the first ingredients on the list. If a Dairy Milk is as far as you’ve ever delved into the world of chocolate, then this is certainly worth giving a go, but I suspect that hardcore chocolate lovers aren’t going to be that interested.

It’s also worth noting that while its more common cousin is now certified fair trade, this bar is not. I assume it’s only a matter of time before all Cadbury chocolate products carry that little logo, but it would have been nice to see it here as well.


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  1. Callum

    I picked one of these up in Sainsburys the other day funnily enough, very small bar for a whopping 79P, which is pushing my limits.

    I found it was very basic for such a high price.

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