Thorntons Mint Bar

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Here’s another of Thorntons‘ (so far quite yummy!) range of bars. This time it’s “Milk chocolate finished with dark chocolate, with a crunchy peppermint truffle centre”. So let’s see what it’s like…

Well first impressions are good. Nothing too extraordinary, but a nice looking little bar of chocolate. But the real story here is the intense peppermint smell that hits you when you open the wrapper. If you’ve ever had a Kendal Mint Cake (which is basically just peppermint oil and sugar), you’ll know the kind of thing.

I was quite surprised when I cut the bar in half.. rather than the gooey white filling I was expecting, was a smooth milk chocolate truffle with lots of small, minty crystals.

The truffle is soft and smooth with a satisfying crunch from the crystals, but the overwhelming flavour is mint. Lots of mint. There’s a little bit of cream in there, but not much chocolate flavour.

That’s all fine if you like mint… and you’re in a minty mood on a particularly minty day. But I wasn’t feeling overly minty when I sat down to review this and consequently found it a little too much.

Make no mistake though, this is another quality product, and infinitely preferable to something like Nestlés After Eight Bar or Mint Aero. You just need to be in a very minty mood to get the most out of it.


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  1. Laura

    I’ve had one of these recently, I must’ve been feeling very minty that day as I loved it.

    I also had a mint aero recently too for the first time in years and it was horrible – my initial impression was that underneath the ‘mint’ it tasted of slightly warm, just-about-to-turn milk.

  2. Mmmm I love the Thornton’s mint bar! Its yummy!

    Try out my “Chocolate Lovers 40” list!!

  3. SarahLund

    I had this flavour, and I agree that it’s too minty. Maybe they should use less Peppermint Oil, as you can hardly taste the chocolate.

  4. You sat down to review a mint chocolate bar and you weren’t feeling “minty”?

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