Terry’s Chocolate Orange Tangy

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Guest Chocablogger Terry Scannell of The Chocolate Review takes a look at a new twist on a British institution…

Terry’s Chocolate Orange Tangy‘It’s totally tangy!’ is the proclamation on the front of the box. This a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, with ‘crunchy zingy citrus-y bits’ inside.What that means exactly is that it has crunchy lemon flavoured pieces mixed into the chocolate. Not that you’d really notice though, you can hardly taste the lemon at all. You can notice the crunchy pieces, as they change the texture slightly, and not necessarily in a good way, it just depends if you like tasteless crunchy bits in your chocolate.The chocolate melts very easily as well, it was all coming off on my fingers at room temperature which was messy and made writing this a pain in the ass. Letting the chocolate melt in my mouth didn’t allow the lemon crystals to come through in taste either, instead they just got stuck in my teeth, and even then I couldn’t taste them!

So basically, it’s a standard Terry’s Chocolate Orange ‘egg’, with crunchy bits in it. So I highly recommend you forget about this and just get the standard egg. The quality of the chocolate is pretty good, the orange is nice and overpowers the chocolate completely, but isn’t too strong in taste itself, and is obviously a tried and tested formula.

Per 3 segments, Chocolate Orange Tangy has 136 calories, 1.8g of Protein, 15.5g of Carbs (amazingly, that’s ALL sugar), and 7.3g of Fat (4.3g of which saturates).


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  1. I just want to add that it’s nothing more than a coincidence that I reviewed a Terry’s product, in case anyone thought I did it on purpose.

  2. alice

    i WAS wondering!! ha! nice chocablog post! i actually discovered the chocolate review through chocablog!

  3. Hmmm, flavorless bits that get stuck in your teeth? No thanks! 😛 Hahahaha.

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