Chococo Selection

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Chococo Selection

We first encountered Chococo’s husband and wife team Andy and Claire Burnett at the Academy of Chocolate Awards, and were lucky enough to be able to snag a mall selection of their chocolates at Chocolate Unwrapped on Sunday.

Chococo are based in Dorset and produce all their chocolates by hand in small batches, using local, organic and ethically produced ingredients where possible. As you can see, they also have some incredibly pretty packaging with lots of bright colours.

The chocolates inside the box are equally pretty, and looking at their web site, they seem to do a vast array wonderful looking creations. I’ve got just nine of them here to look at.

Wild Thing
A rather beautiful marbled dome of dark and white chocolate with a smooth ganache and kirsch soaked cherry. Divine.

Bob’s Bees
Local honey ganache dipped in dark chocolate. Very subtle honey flavour, smooth, rich dark chocolate notes. Might not have even known it was honey if it wasn’t for the honeycomb transfer on top (which is a good thing for a non-honey-fan like me!).

Enchanting Elderberry
Another beautiful dome of dark chocolate with local elderberry jelly and elderflower liqueur. For me, the flavour of the elderberry jelly didn’t quite work with the dark chocolate and liqueur, but it’s an interesting combination nonetheless!

Pure Kakawa
A pure Dominican Republic dark chocolate truffle. Not much to look at when unwrapped from its shiny purple foil, but an instant favourite! The intense dark cocoa power dusting quickly gives way to a beautifully smooth and sweet truffle.

Chococo Selection

Melting Milk
A completely divine milk chocolate truffle infused with vanilla, covered in milk chocolate flakes. Smooth and delicious!

Chilli Tickle
Chilli infused dark chocolate truffle dusted in cinnamon icing sugar. Another wonderful combination of flavours. The cinnamon and chilli are both quite subtle, but still noticeable, and the truffle is soft, smooth and rich.

Blackcurrant Beauty
A shiny, embossed square of fruit puree and dark chocolate ganache. Looks almost like a hunk of metal. The rich flavours make this a real man’s chocolate!

Blackstrap Harry
Another first for me – organic molasses in a dark chocolate ganache. The texture of the smoothest, softest truffle but with the flavour of treacle! Very rich and very yummy!

Gorgeous Ginger
Another dark chocolate dome – this time filled with dark chocolate ganache with stem ginger. I love ginger, and this was one of the best ginger ‘hits’ I’ve had that didn’t involve shoving a large, whole piece of the stuff into my mouth!

All in all, these are some of the nicest chocolates I’ve had in ages. Fantastic flavour combinations and quality ingredients, put together by some genuinely lovely people. I simply can’t recommend them highly enough.


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  1. They look as divine as you describe them….. and I haven’t had breakfast yet!

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