Galaxy Cookie Crumble

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Galaxy Cookie Crumble

It’s been a while since I’ve had any Galaxy, so I thought I’d give this one a go. If you don’t know Galaxy, it’s a smooth, sweet, creamy milk chocolate sold by Mars in Europe and roughly equivalent to Dove in the US.

Somewhat annoying, the wrapper doesn’t give the percentage of cocoa solids in the chocolate, but it does give the percentage of milk solids (14%) and the percentage of cookie pieces in the bar as a whole (8%). In this day and age, manufacturers really should be giving us these numbers so we can make informed buying decisions (before cramming it into our faces without reading the label anyway, of course).


The front of this bar is divided into these rather sexy, curvy chunks with a single letter ‘G’ embossed upon them. This is obviously designed to further enhance the sexy, indulgent image that Mars like to promote Galaxy with, and I think it does the job quite well.

The top of the bar may be smooth and shiny, but the underside is studded with the outline of lots of small pieces of ‘cookie’, as you can see.

Galaxy Cookie Crumble

And those cookie pieces are the downfall of this bar. Rather than adding an exciting texture, they’re exactly the right size, shape and texture to get forced painfully into the roof of your mouth when you bite into a piece. Most of the time it’s just a mildly annoying texture, but every now and then you’ll get a piece that just hurts.

The problem is that the crunchy texture invites you to bite, but the pieces are too small and you end up almost having to chew it. But chewing isn’t exactly the most indulgent way to consume a creamy milk chocolate. You could wait for it to melt, but then you’re just left with a mouth full of small, biscuity rocks.

And that cookie doesn’t add much in the way of flavour either. The Galaxy chocolate completely overwhelms any flavour that may be there. But having said all that, this is still quite a moreish bar – providing you can get through it all without doing yourself an injury. If only those cookie pieces were a little big larger or softer, I could easily see myself picking one up again.

From what I’ve heard, this particular variety of Galaxy is only available in Tesco, so I’d be interested to hear if you’ve found it elsewhere.


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  1. Craig

    I have managed to find this at my local co op as part of a 3 for a pound promotion.

  2. Carolanne Clyde

    my local spar sells it

  3. Lora

    They sell small bars in the newsagent next to my work. I have to agree with your comments, although I didn’t get any painful bits, the cookie is more of an annoyance than adding anything special to the bar. I love Galaxy fruit and nut though.

  4. tCG

    This bar is available everywhere.

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Well there you have it. I guess it’s not just Tesco then. 🙂

  6. Sue

    It was just in Tesco but it was so popular they decided to sell it everywhere!

  7. lovemykitties

    I love the Cookie Galaxy. Reminded me of Hersheys cookies and cream, but nicer! If you allow the chocolate to melt in the mouth you are left with a delightful pile of cookies which are still nice and crunchy. Those people complaining about the bits hurting thier mouth must be wolfing it down and not taking the time to enjoy the melt.
    How can you do this? Chocolate should be a slow thing!

    As usual Galaxy wins head over heels against the Cadbury’s similar version with biscuit in.

  8. Callum

    I’ve managed to find it in almost every shop I’ve gone into, and I agree, I bought it once and never again due to the boulder-like Cookie inside it.
    On the topic of hard to find chocolate, I’d like to see if anyone else has found the elusive Milkyway Crispy Roll?

  9. Louise

    Callum, my local Iceland store sells boxes of 6 Milky Way Crispy Rolls for £1

  10. I personally thought it was delicious. I mean, if you let it melt in your mouth, or just chew it, it’s lovely all the same.

  11. James

    Has any one made a cheese cake useing Galaxy Cookie Crumble? Wife saw one but we have not used Galaxy Cookie Crumble or even seen it.

  12. Detail

    ‘Cocoa solids 25% minimum’

  13. Del

    We had the cheese cake at work, a colleague made it and it was so more-ish. Have got the recipe and will make it just as soon as I can find the chocolate. I live in the middle east and supplies of things like this are few and far between.

  14. Claudia


    I’ve bought it in my local Sainsbury’s and the corner shop. Love it!

  15. Hannah

    I think the cookie goes well with the bar and adds a bit more excitment

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