Marks & Spencer Chocolate Caramel & Biscuit Bar

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Marks & Spencer Chocolate Caramel & Biscuit Bar

You guessed it – it’s Fake Twix Time!

Just like Marks & Spencer’s Fake Mars Bar and Fake Bounty, this bar looks exactly like the Mars original. Inside the rather dreary plastic wrapper are two biscuit fingers, topped with caramel and covered in milk chocolate.

Marks & Spencer Chocolate Caramel & Biscuit Bar

This time I took the time to research weights and prices. At 58g, the M&S rip off homage weighs exactly the same as a real Twix, but at 40p is a penny cheaper than Tesco charge for the real thing.

Helpfully, the Tesco web site lists the percentage of chocolate (35%), caramel (32%) and biscuit (33%) – figures which are also listed on the wrapper of this bar. And I’m excited to tell you that the M&S bar contains a whole 1% more milk chocolate than a real Twix. And 2% less biscuit!

To be frank, I’d be hard pressed to tell this apart from a real Twix. I think perhaps the biscuit has a little less flavour, but if I was given this sans-wrapper and told it was a real Twix, I probably wouldn’t question it.

But like the other bars in the range, the sole reason for its existence seems to be to fill up shelf space with something that has the Marks & Spencer logo on it. But if I’m going to M&S, it’s unlikely I’m looking to buy a Twix (or would even be able to tell that’s what this is from a glance at the wrapper). And if I’m specifically looking for a Twix, I’m probably not going to go to M&S to look for one.

In fact, the only people I can see buying these are chocolate reviewers and people curious about how like a real Twix it is. Like its siblings, It turns out that it’s not bad, but now I’ve established that, I have no reason to buy it again. And now I’ve reviewed it, you have no reason to buy one at all. Sorry M&S.


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  1. Chris

    Some people do most of their food shopping in M&S and so their versions of branded chocolates are useful – or if you are running in to grab a sandwich and want something sweet to go with it then these fit the bill – most of us do not go out to search for a specific chocolate bar – they are an impulse purchase and so M&S are right to stock them.

  2. Samuel

    The above comment is right, I used to shop exclusively in M&S and sometimes you just wanted a chocolate bar, so that was I, a young and constant shopping in M&S. But for a while now they’ve been filling shelf space with branded goods other than their own, it’s blasphemous not only to the regulars but to the workers, hopefully a fad which will pass.

    If they had to ship in other brands, why not something off your blog rather than the big sellers you can get anywhere else? Why, money.

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