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‘A bit of a mouthful’. That’s the best way to describe this. Both in terms of the name and the contents of the bar.

KitKat may be one of the best selling chocolate bars in the world, but I’m quite sure that this particular bar isn’t contributing a great deal to the sales figures.

Why? Because it’s awful.

I’ve never been a particular fan of KitKat, finding them a little bland, but this takes blandness to new levels.

The bar consists of a single, very large ‘finger’ of chocolate (which is more like a brick than a finger) with a thick wafer and a layer of peanut flavoured ‘stuff’. I’m not sure what the stuff is, but it’s certainly not like any peanut butter I know. It has a vague peanutty flavour, but it’s really just a thick, slightly dry, artificial tasting paste.

The chocolate is bland, the wafer is dry and the peanut stuff is icky. And all this is made worse by the design of the bar. You can’t just take a small chunk, and when you bite it, bits of wafer go everywhere.

I really don’t understand how or why they came up with this. But they did – and I feel it my duty to warn you away from it.

This is the first time I can remember that I’ve actually thrown a half-eaten chocolate bar away. Ick.


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  1. Here for click and comment Monday from Its About Dawn.

    Have a great day, but I have to leave before I eat something.

  2. wow.. it must be AWFUL.. you actually THREW OUT chocolate?

  3. Wow – a Chocolate Blog – I must be in heaven….a chocoloholics dream (or nightmare) come true!! I will be back – and I will be looking for that chocolate/peppermint thingy…do they have them in the U.S.? I will find out…

  4. HM

    I could not disagree with you more on this one! I adore Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter (yeah I do agree that it is a lot to say in one go!). I love peanut butter and I do like Kit Kats so this was a definate YES for me. I did not feel the same way about their bitter Orange flavour.

    Hmmmm where can I get a one of these at 8pm on New Year’s Day?????

    Best Wishes


  5. suzanna

    I think you are so wrong about Kitkat chunky peanut butter bars, they’re delicious!

  6. You’ll be pleased to know that the same kind of nut-brick bar version was released in Australia a couple of years ago and died an ignominous death. The last I saw of them was in a ‘Not Quite Right’ store trying to give them away at the cost of three for one dollar and they were well past their use-by date.

  7. Sarah

    How can you slate this bar so? It is devine! Peanut butter-y tase, thick scrummy chocolate, balanced out with the waffer-y bit. It is truly yummy! I was so excited when these first hit the shops, and I still love them. They tick all the right boxes a chocolate bar should, in my mind…

  8. Chocoholic123

    just wondering does the peanut butter taste like praline or is it really nutty? i like peanuts and i like praline but i dont know whether i would like this any thoughts?

  9. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Chocaholic: Neither really – it was just a dry artificial tasting paste. I found the whole thing dry and franky rather disgusting. But that IS just my personal opinion.

  10. Chocoholic123

    sorry but could you tell me do you know the nutritional info on this bar?

  11. Chocoholic123

    ok i found this bar at my lucky esso and i had to try omg its absoluty gorgeous! mmmm:p im off to buy another one!

  12. Srebrna


    I read this and I wonder if your description of the filling is really ojective. If so – you have my sympathy. Here in Poland KitKat Peanut is produced locally (by Nestle Polska) and perhaps this is the whole difference. “Our” waffer is light, the peanut filling is more like light-soft peanut butter and the chocolate is an actually nice, but perhaps not to be eaten separately, milk chocolate.

    I’m of this awful kind of people, who eat bars by first skinning them of chocolate, and then eating the parts by layers, if possible. And in case of KitKat Peanut I did this more than once and I tell you – it is really, really good.

    The problem with the one you bought may be:
    1. The factory has its own procedure and the outcome is not the best that may be
    2. The batch may have been overheated (this makes the nuts go oily and may react somehow with the waffer)
    3. The bar has been stored in bad temperature (all nuts are terribly vulnerable to heat)

    I hope someday you meet the right KitKat Peanut 🙂

  13. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Srebrna: I think you may well be right on all counts. At some point in the future I may see if I can try another one of these from a different source.

    And the only Polish-made chocolate I’ve tried (Goplana) I absolutely loved – so maybe you just have higher standards over there. 🙂

  14. Srebrna


    The difference may be – don’t laugh – that when a new company (Nestle, whatever) comes, they install new machines. With well-known procedures and ways of working, totally new machines and new crew who sticks to the rules – BECAUSE THEY WERE JUST TAUGHT THEM – the product may be a totally new quality. In old factories, where crew think they know absolutely everything by heart this may be not so well.

    If you were to try this KitKat again, do check if it comes from Poland or any other country where it has actually been introduced recently (not the Peanut one, but all Kitkats). This may be the change 🙂

    Of course, the new owner may overdo and actually spoil the product. This – allegedly – happened when Cadbury bought Wedel. They put their new procedures in use on old machines and – wow, surprise – the chocolate went bad. Totally. So they fell back to the old procedures and they were back to good chocolate.

    My personal suspicion is that they cleaned the vats after so-many-years they were accumulating the chocolate layer :>

  15. Srebrna

    And, sorry for second post – this Goplana you tried is actually the better kind from this factory. We have our dose of crappy chocolates (if you ever come across something called Terravita, do not try it… good only for melting with lots of spices), but there are well-known producers:
    – Goplana (once owned by Nestle, now by a Polish company), makes everyday and slightly-more-elegant chocolates and pralines
    – Wedel – everyday and luxury (Maestria) chocolates and lots of other chocolate sweets (alcoholic filling bars, wafer bars, also have chocolateries around the country and produce their own drinking chocolate mix, filled chocolates)
    – Wawel – everyday, slightly-more etc, filled chocolate, pralines, non-chocolate sweets, bars and own brand of cocoa powder
    There are other Polish producers who do pralines, chocolates and bars, but if you come across these three – they usually do good, “dependable” chocolate. With so many Polish shops in England now you may be able to find probably most of their products.

  16. Chocoholic123

    ahh kit kat peanut is soooo yummy mmmm=P i have to have one everyday! yum yum yum lol=)=)

  17. Chocoholic96

    I love kit kat peanut it’s so nice!
    i could eat one everyday it’s so good!!!

  18. Chocoholic123

    yay!! someone who agrees with me they are sooo moreish! mmmm =)=) i am no longer alone haha! 🙂

  19. laura

    My husband LOVES THESE, keeps him quiet every time i buy him one!!! .

  20. The kitkat chunky peanut butter from Switzerland is actually very nice. Comment from Malaysia.

  21. Ema

    Peanut Butter Kit Kats Are AMAZING!!! :O:O:O

    The Peanut Taste Is Made From Creamed Peanuts By The Way Lol

    Ema -x

  22. midnightminx

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i love kit kat peanut and reeses peanut butter cups…the best choc in the land 😀 😀

  23. ed

    If you shorten it’s name to p-nunky it becomes less of a mouthfull, it is also very nice.who allows such rubbish about one of the best chocolate bars around to be published. a paerfect combination of chocolate, goo and crispy stuff. mmmhmm

  24. Chrish

    Strange, I found it to be really nice. The wafer isn’t dry at all and when you bite it it doesn’t go everywhere.

    Maybe you just had a shit bar? Hehe.

  25. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Chrish – that’s certainly possible. I’ll look out for another bar and if necessary, do another review.

  26. chocgal:)

    i love this kit kat but i once picked up a bad one *laughs* the wafer cracked and was hard and the chocolate tasted like cheap chocolate know the stuff? and the peanut was hard and chewy..lucky for me it was just the once..the rest have been fine! phew 😀 *chuckles*

  27. mitchico

    i admit i really wasn’t a fan of peanut butter.. BUT this KITKAT BAR changed my mind !! Honestly, it’s that GOOD! too bad your first peanut kitkat was a “bad one”.. I haven’t encountered a bad one yet though.. I’m simply addicted to them XD I wish they sell them back home, I only get to buy them in these 3 in 1 kitkat chunk set packs [original chunk, white chocolate chunk, and peanut butter] at the HongKong Airport.. -_- sad..

  28. Agnieszka

    I’m from Poland too and I agree with Srebrna 😀
    Personally, I don’t like KitKats. They are too sweet. Bur my friend love them, especially this peanut one 😛

  29. Leigh

    unbelievable, how can anyone not like these? just nicked one from my other half and its chilling in the fridge as we speak

  30. Krzysztof Poland

    KitKat is great

  31. Carrie

    I love them and would gladly eat them instead of any other choc bar….my idea of choccie heaven indeed!


  32. Chris Powers

    I want to try it, but if you want to try one that really is bad…try the caffeine snickers bar… Its really bad… The first bite is okay but after the second or third bite, the aftertaste kicks in and it takes like the syrup of ipecac (you know, the stuff to make you vomit)… very bad stuff…


  33. Improfane

    I’m another Kit Kat peanut butter fan!

  34. babycakes=)

    i had da duo one today eat it many ways yum! 🙂

  35. ieisha

    I HATE KITTTTTTTT KATTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. nick

    mmmm they are so good.. selling out every day at the local supermarket. i believe they are actually addictive. was sceptical at first but after the first one was hooked. im gna go take four chunkees and melt the ends slightly and stick them together to make a giant kitkat! if only they sold the peanut butter in the small finger versions…

  37. belldandy

    i bought a peanut butter kitkat chunky to try today, first i thought its gonna taste weird but infact its really nice. i mean if you like peanut butter definately give this a try 😀

  38. Brooke R

    I definately have to agree with you that this Kit Kat bar is one of the most awful choccie bars out there

    And those horrible Cadbury Boost with peanut bars too…. Yucky!!!

  39. Sir Chocalot

    I tried them twice so far and am afraid I only had not nice ones myself. But reading over this I have to go and try another one, because technically this should be the most awesome stuff ever (as far as chocolate+peanut goes). Of course not comparable to pure chocolate, but that’s a different story. Will get me one later today, am totally intrigued now, and hope it’s going to be nice!!!!

  40. ashleen

    ohmy! i LOVE kitkat chunky with peanut butter! its like heaven!

  41. jakc

    This was my favourite kitkat – in fact, my favourite low-solids chocolate bar, along with the elousive Cote d’Or Milk Chocolate with Pecans (if you visit Belgium, seek one out e.g. in Brussels train stations – they are stunning). Anyway, they were a great temptation, absolutely wonderful eaten cold from the fridge. Now they’re gone, replaced by the caramel abomination. As if an imitation Kinder Bueno (“Senses”) wasn’t dull enough, now KitKat has come up with yet another caramel bar! Now there’s an original throught – how clever of them to spot this unoccupied market niche. It will serve them right when it tanks. OK, perhaps the margin was a bit thin on the PBC chunky – but I know lots of people who would have paid a bit more. Someone should send the Nestle marketing Department a copy of “The Long Tail.”

  42. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    jakc – I’ll be reviewing the Chunky Caramel next week actually. It’s odd because it’s fudge rather than caramel.

  43. JAKC

    Dom – thanks for reply – I’l look forweard to the review (though I’m still disinclined to knowingly buy any Nestle products for the next little while:-(

    Cheers, J.

  44. Jo

    I actually quite enjoyed it. It’s not something you could eat all in one sitting because it is very rich. It’s a bit of a treat, and I have to say, Kit-Kat has to be one of my favourite chocolate bars.

  45. sweetie

    These are one of he lushest chocolate bars i’ve ever tasted but i can’t find them ANYWHERE anymore!!! Have they been replaced by those new caramel ones???i’m not too keen on caramel so i sincerely hope not!! Please help! I’m not capable of functioning properly with my peanut-butter-kit-kat-chunky-fix!!!! 🙁

  46. Chunky

    I think you’re totally wrong, i think it’s the most delicious chocolatebar in the world and always spend all of my pocket-money by buying at least one of them after school. The only thing that’s bad about it, isthe fact, that it’s just sold in single bars, not in bigger packages, in which they’re cheaper too.
    KIT KAT PEANUT BUTTER 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. jakc

    back when they were still being made, T”””o’s had 5-packs for around £1.20. But if you can still find them, send me an email and let’s make a deal – I’ll take all you can find.

  48. nick

    !they’re gone! I’ve been looking around for these peanut butter bars of gold and have only managed to find old stock.. if you know where to get some let me know! @jakc ill fight ya for ’em ;P

  49. Jo

    Peanut Butter Kitkat Chunkies are the best chocolate ever! I am so gutted they are gone! Especially after the Kitkat Chunky Duos came out! 2 of them in one wrapper! Amazing!

  50. jakc

    I just received a very welcome supply from my sister the globetrotter, who found them in Frankfurt. She is currently in Tirana (Albania), where she has acquired some “hazelnut cream” ones – though she reports they are definitely not as good…

  51. It’s relevant that you’ve never been a fan of KitKat….I wonder what i would think of this peanut butter version, given that I am a huge fan of KitKat Chunky! 🙂

  52. Jonathan

    Hallelujah! Was in a village shop in Wolverton (Warwickshire) and they are back! Not quite the same as before (more crunch, less PB) but still marvellous. OK it’s not Valhrona or Pierre Marcolini, but it is unsurpassed in doing what it does.

  53. Nick

    Rejoice! I saw the ads for the new KitKats on a bus in Manchester yesterday – peanut butter KK is back! now I just hope enough ppl vote for it =D

  54. David Carroll

    I’m having trouble with the concept of throwing a half-eaten chocolate bar away… It’s like not finishing a beer. All beer is good. Some is great! Same with Chocolate. IMHO

  55. I agree, I think it’s a bit too SWEET! I tend to pefer Time Outs, maybe it’s because of the flakey chocolate centre between the wafers!

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