Lucky’s Tweedle Twins Cake In A Jar

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Cake in a jar, you say? Cake in a jar! Yes, that’s right! Lucky’s, our favourite makers of chocolate enrobed cakes have come up with these cute little Alice In Wonderland themed creations.

They come in four flavours; Cocoa Bros, Dreamy Lemon, Tropical Breeze and Toffee Groove. The Dreamy Lemon flavour is made with white chocolate, and the others have 60% Valrhona dark chocolate.

It has to be said that the most noticeable thing about these little cakes is that they really are very little indeed. Each cake is just 40g, but they are exceptionally cute. I’d love to see a bigger version, although this size is perfect for a little treat that you don’t have to feel too guilty about.

The cakes are divided into two layers, with the cakey bit on the bottom and a thick layer of topping above it. Each box of two comes with a couple of spoons, so you can share them on the spot, or just put one in your bag to take to work as a mid-morning treat. I particularly like the fact that the jars are very simple, with an easy peel sticker being the only branding. This means they’re also great for serving at dinner parties (and pretending you made them yourself, of course).

The cakes themselves are rich and sweet, and if you have more than one, you start to see why they’re so small. They’re delicious, but all you actually need is one little jar. My personal favourite was the Toffee Groove, which has a very nice salted caramel topping. The cake itself was a little dry, which may be by design, but I’d love to see a really dense, moist cakes used in these.

I guess you can consider Lucky’s Tweedle Twins cake in a jar to be an upmarket, handmade alternative to something might make. At £4.95 for two jars, they’re a little expensive, but I’d still consider them for a special occasion or an extra indulgent treat. And you do get to keep the jars.


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  1. Lucy

    So expensive. Tried them at the real food market and was not impressed. Buy Gu, save money and have just as good -if not better – taste!

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