Artisan Du Chocolat Almond Milk Chocolate

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Artian Du Chocolat Almond Milk Chocolate

Here’s something that I knew I had to review the moment it caught my eye. A milk chocolate alternative from Artisan du Chocolat that’s made with almond milk rather than dairy.

The lack of a decent dairy free milk chocolate option has long been a problem for many people. Sure, they can just have dark chocolate, but if you’re lactose intolerant – or just can’t eat dairy for some other reason – you’re a bit stuck for something sweet and creamy.

So for this review, I’m really looking at two different things; how good is it as a milk chocolate, and how good an alternative is is for people who can’t eat dairy at all.

This is a 45g bar that follows Artisan du Chocolat’s standard design. A thin, but full-sized looking bar, it’s nice looking, but it does feel a little light, being only half the weight of similarly sized chocolate bars.

Artian Du Chocolat Almond Milk Chocolate

When you open the pack, you’re greeted with a noticeably nutty aroma with a hint of creaminess. In fact, even though it’s a healthy 40% cocoa solids, the nuttiness comes through stronger than the chocolate. It’s unusual, but certainly not unpleasant.

The texture is quite soft, but break a piece off and it has a nice melt and an interesting flavour. It’s quite sweet and unexpectedly creamy for a dairy free chocolate, but that almond nuttiness is still very prominent. After getting used to the flavour, I quite enjoyed it, although it’s not something that would ever replace a quality milk chocolate for me.

After having eaten a few chunks, I handed the bar to my lactose intolerant friend. She has always had the problem of being a milk chocolate fan who can’t really eat milk chocolate. And while she can get away with small pieces, she tells me that even that makes her throat ticklish and uncomfortable.

And that was the biggest difference for her – she can eat this chocolate without any of the uncomfortable side effects of milk chocolate. But more than that, she particularly enjoyed the flavour. She’s uses almond milk every day, so it was a very familiar flavour her and one that she clearly enjoyed.

So there you have it. As a “milk chocolate”, it can just about hold its own. But for someone who can’t eat dairy but still wants something as creamy and sweet as milk chocolate, it’s a great alternative.


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  1. Fathima Hamid

    Interesting. Would love to try it. The Pramil dairy free Milk chocolate is really good too. There’s rice powder in place of milk, and quite a lot of sugar, but is quite scrummy.

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