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I drink a lot of tea. Sometimes I think if “chocolate” and “tea” were the only two food groups left on Earth, I would be quite happy. In fact, my diet would probably be pretty much the same as it is now.

But just because I like tea, doesn’t mean I have good taste in tea, and I rarely try more exotic blends. As long as I have my constant supply of PG Tips, and a little Rare Tea Company Silver Tip for special occasions, I’m quite happy. So while was excited when the lovely people at Teapigs sent me this Chocolate Flake Tea to try, I can’t say I was expecting it to be my… uh… cup of tea.

Open the box and you’re greeted by a satisfying chocolatey aroma. There are 15 “tea temples” (very fancy biodegradable tea bags) inside, and the instructions say to let it infuse for three minutes, then serve with milk or cream. So that’s what I did.

I was surprised just how much the finished product looked like my regular cuppa, although if I’m honest, I was hoping to find a tiny pig swimming around in it. This was not the case.

None of the chocolatey aroma from the bags is lost in the finished product, and that carries through to the flavour. It’s just like your normal, every day tea, but with a hint of chocolate that somehow manages not to overwhelm the flavour from the tea itself.

Tea and chocolate may seem like an odd flavour combination, but it works very well. It’s not going to give you the same hit as a hot chocolate made from made from 100% cacao and spices, but it’s perfect for that mid morning cuppa. I like it a lot. I might even be persuaded to try the rest of the Teapigs range. If only they could be persuaded to add chocolate to them all.


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  1. I’m not quite convinced but I think I’ll just have to give them a try. I do drink an awful lot of tea so how long a bag of 15 would last me I’m not sure… but as a treat they might just be the thing for elevensies.
    Now the important question is – can you dunk in it?

  2. Clare

    I ordered some of these after reading your review at lunchtime, and they’re on the way already, so I’m impressed with their service if nothing else! Looking forward to trying them.

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