Marks And Spencer Luxury Egg Selection

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This pretty box from M&S contains five milk, dark and white chocolate Easter eggs. Each egg is hollow, but has a window in the fornt where decorated pieces show through the shell, in a similar fashion to the Thorntons Banoffee Pie Easter Egg.

The varieties are:

Milk chocolate egg with white chocolate buttons and Italian brownie pieces

I don’t know what makes a brownie Italian, or if these particular brownie pieces have ever been anywhere near Italy, but they’re nice enough. A little dry and cakey, but you’re never going to get moist, fresh brownies stuck to the front of a mass produced Easter egg. They’re nice enough though.

The milk chocolate in all these eggs is 31% cocoa solids, and above average for an Easter egg. It’s creamy and smooth, but doesn’t have much depth. It’s quite easy to eat though.

Dark chocolate with Australian crystalised ginger and white chocolate buttons

The only dark chocolate egg in the box, and it’s a bit disappointing. It’s 53% cocoa solids, and probably the sweetest dark chocolate I’ve ever tasted. In fact, it’s almost as sweet as the white chocolate that decorates this egg. Apart from sugar, there’s no real flavour to the chocolate at all. The saving grace of this egg is the ginger pieces, which despite being difficult to get to through the thick layer of white chocolate, ar quite tasty and spicy.

Milk chocolate with white chocolate buttons and milk chocolate coated raisins

The same milk chocolate with some chocolate covered raisins. I love chocolate raisins, so was disappointed that there just aren’t that many here. The raisins aren’t bad, but as with all these eggs, it just needs… more!

White chocolate with sour cherry and white chocolate crispy pieces

The white chocolate is too sweet for me here, but I do quite like the decoration. The flavoured chocolate area and cherries themselves are actually quite tasty, and the crispy pieces adds a nice bit of crunch. Definitely needs more cherries though!

Milk chocolate with white chocolate covered meringue pieces

More of the same chocolate we’ve seen in the other eggs, with a bit of texture added by the meringue.

Overall, I’d say this selection of eggs looks more luxury than it tastes. There’s no doubting it’s well presented, but I’m not convinced by the quality of the ingredients. It will appeal much more to those with a sweet tooth, as even the dark chocolate is very sweet. Visually impressive, but needs more flavour.


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  1. You have been lucky to find these – none of the M&S stores I have tried have had them left in stock. One of the perils of featuring them in the TV advert, I guess.

    Shame they aren’t as good as they look – but I would have liked to have tried for myself!!

  2. David

    How much are they?

  3. Eve

    Am I the only one who can’t even look at these eggs without wanting to be sick, let alone eat one…?! Sorry to be a bit gross, but the white/pink one looks like rotting fruit or a wound infested with maggots. Actually I know I’m not the only one, as when my mum and I saw them in the advert, we both went ‘AGH!’, and I just showed it to my boyfriend and his reaction was similar….! Could they perhaps have been pulled from sale because of this?

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