Cadbury Twirl

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Cadbury Twirl is another of those bars that are best served chilled. A Cadbury Twirl is very much like a Flake, but covered with a smooth layer of chocolate. When chilled, it crumbles just like a Flake, but the outer coating helps to stop the crumbles flaking off and going all over your clothes.

You get two thin bars in each pack – so you can share if you want (yeah, right!), and the chocolate is typical Cadbury’s (Dairy Milk). The bars themselves appear to be made by folding very thin layers of chocolate on top of each other, leaving plenty of trapped air for that crumbly texture, so they’re very light.

I quite like the Twirl and have occasionally bought it in the past. It’s not the most interesting of chocolate bars, but it’s a nice little treat on a hot summer day.


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  1. My mouth waters. Where can I find this so called Cadbury Twirl?

  2. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Any corner shop in the UK. 🙂
    Failing that, try a Google search for ‘British Candy’ – I think there’s a few online stores that might have it.

  3. Another goodie for chilled chocolate is Spira. Do they still make those?

  4. JP Turner

    Yes Spira is a great one. I used to like waiting untill my Tea had cooled down and then it was posible to drink it through the Spira using it as a straw. There was 2 in a pack. Like the blog.

  5. Chocoholic123

    ooo whats a spira?

  6. Ravi

    Its so nice i cant live without it 😀 😛

  7. Ravi

    HMMM OMG id spend all my money on Twirl….Btw do u get discount on it? And do u get a year guatrantee? thanks 😀

  8. Ravi

    if only twirl was as good as sex i’d have it all the time

  9. BP

    Twirl is also sold in the International section at your local WalFart.

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