Chococo Love Box

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Chococo Love Box

I love Chococo. They manage to strike the perfect balance between ‘hand made’ and ‘luxury gift’, and this attractive little box is the perfect illustration of that. This is their medium sized ‘Love Box’ (stop giggling at the back!) which contains a total of sixteen chocolates of six different varieties.

We first reviewed a selection of their wonderful chocolates last October, and Claire Burnet was kind enough to send some samples of their Valentines offerings this year.

When you remove the colourful lid from the box, you’re greeted with this…

Chococo Love Box

The six different chocolates in the box are:

Raspberry Riot
Raspberry & framboise liqueur in a dark chocolate ganache, rolled in freeze-dried raspberries.
Wow, there’s a lot of fruit here! The entire outer layer is raspberry and it literally explodes with flavour in your mouth. The ganache is rich and smooth with just a hint of sweetness to counteract the tart fruit flavours. Perfect.

Tate Heart
A hazelnut praline heart decorated with edible silver leaf.
I’ve seen plenty of edible gold on chocolate before, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever eaten silver leaf. A beautifully smooth and soft praline in delicious milk chocolate.

Chococo Love Box

Dotty Apricotty
A dark chocolate heart with sundried apricots marinated in brandy.
Another wonderful combination of flavours. The subtlety sweet apricot goes with the delicious dark chocolate perfectly. I could eat a whole box of these.

Caramel Kiss
A milk chocolate dome with dulce de leche caramel.
The sweetest chocolate of the selection here by far, but another taste combination that works perfectly. The dulce de leche caramel has the flavour of condensed milk, but the lightness of a truffle. To be taken in small doses only!

Chococo Love Box

Fizzy Duck
A dark chocolate marc de champagne truffle dusted with Paraguayan fair trade sugar.
I’m not the biggest fan of marc de champagne, but this is divine. The truffle is soft and light and the shell has a gentle crispiness to it.. yet it melts away to nothing in the mouth.

Perfect Passion
Passion fruit puree in a milk chocolate square with a flower transfer design.
Another wonderfully fruity chocolate. The passion fruit is a set jelly in the centre of this beautifully decorated chocolate. Sweet and tangy in a creamy milk chocolate package. Yum.

I can’t recommend these chocolates highly enough. The flavour combinations work exceptionally well, the presentation is top notch and the ingredients are so fresh that Chococo won’t even send these out until February 10th. So you can be sure your gift will still be in perfect condition for the 14th.

Without doubt, this is my pick of this year’s Valentine’s offerings so far.


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  1. Simon

    The box immediately puts me in mind of David McKee’s Elmer the Patchwork Elephant, but those chocolates are anything but kid stuff.

    Might have to invest to impress.

  2. These chocolates are so cute!! Plus they look so great! I would want to be able to buy some of these for Valentines day. They are so adorable and delicious. Thanks for letting me in to get a peek at these great looking chocolates!

  3. Michael

    Wow. These look really, really good – I’d be demanding some for Valentine’s Day if I was pushier…

  4. Too…jealous….to….type…any….more……

  5. Very impressive, their chocolate bars look beautiful and delicious.

    White chocolate bar with yogurt and crunchy pieces of raspberries…

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