Burnt Sugar Gooey Caramels Dipped in Dark Chocolate

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Burnt Sugar Gooey Caramels Dipped in Dark Chocolate

As it turns out, Burnt Sugar have a stall at Borough Market selling their fudges and caramels – a few feet away from previously-featured Dark Sugars.

Rather than hand made (and slightly exotic in some cases) chocolates, Burnt Sugar sell funky little boxes of their sweets, something which has enabled them to get good distribution deals. These should be available in department stores and possibly supermarkets quite soon.

The packaging markets these fairly and squarely at women. “Best enjoyed with – a red velvet chaise longue and a foot rub” isn’t terribly macho after all is it?

That in itself presents something of a conundrum. Some of these caramel chunks are big. No, bigger than that. A proper chunky mouthful. Keep these in the fridge and pop a big chunk and you’re likely to be rendered speechless for quite a while (insert your own tacky ‘speechless women’ gag here, should you feel the need). Aiming them at female consumers and then making then the size of small house bricks (I exaggerate a tad, I confess) seems a little strange to me. After all, it’s not terribly ladylike to be seen with your cheeks bulging in an alarming geometric fashion, or is it? There again, what do I know?

The chocolate coating is a good dark 55% cocoa blend with a good texture and a very pleasing cocoa sharpness which precedes the caramel sweetness in good style. The caramels themselves are indeed gooey (warm summer afternoons are not good reviewing times) rich, creamy and very satisfying, should you require that particular comfort.

As chocolate coated caramels go, these tick all the boxes. Not too posh to make them unaffordable, not in any way weird, wacky, unusual or challenging. A good quality version of a perennial favourite and as such worthy of attention from those who enjoy such things. In other words, if you like chocolate coated caramels, you’ll love these.


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  1. I’m still laughing at you being speechless after eating a chunky piece straight out of the fridge…… lovely imagery Simon!

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