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Chocolat Madagascar Organic 70%

Organic bean-to-bar from Madagascar

Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger & Black Pepper Dark Chocolate

A heavily flavoured, fairly traded dark chocolate.

Vivani Chocolate Selection

A selection of organic chocolate bars from Germany.

Republica Del Cacao La Concepcion 85%

85% Organic dark chocolate from Ecuador.

Giddy Yoyo Spicy 76%

Raw Ecuadorian cocoa with cinnamon & cayenne.

Booja Booja Truffle Box No. 2

Organic dairy free truffles from Booja Booja

Ambriel Dark Quinoa

Organic dark chocolate with quinoa.

Chocolate & Love Panama 80%

A rich & chocolatey single origin dark chocolate.

TCHO SeriousMilk Cacao

A rich 53% milk chocolate from TCHO.

Pacari Los Ríos

72% organic dark chocolate from Ecuador

Åkesson’s Madagascar & Black Pepper

Madagascan chocolate and organic black pepper.

Rococo White Chocolate With Cardamom

Organic white chocolate with cardamom.

Green & Black’s Crispy Milk

Organic milk chocolate with crispy cereal bits.

Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

Milk chocolate with cardamom and rose petals.

Zotter Monte Limar

Bean-to-bar chocolate with a nougat filling.

TCHO Mokaccino

Milk chocolate with Blue Bottle Coffee.

Taza Chocolate 60% Stone Ground

Stone ground chocolate from Dominican Republic beans.

Sunita Organic Dark Chocolate Halva

An organic sesame and honey halva with dark chocolate.

Denman Island Chocolate Alto El Sol

A single origin bar made from Peruvian beans

Trader Joe’s Fair Trade Organic Belgian Milk Chocolate

An organic and fair trade milk chocolate bar.

Vivani Ganznuss

Organic milk chocolate with hazelnuts

Cocoa Loco Sea Salt & Sunflower Seeds Dark Chocolate

Organic, Fairtrade chocolate with sunflower seeds & sea salt.

Les Chocolats de Pauline Grand Cru Tanzanie

A pure and simple organic 70% chocolate bar.

Valrhona Andoa Lait

A simple and tasty organic, fair trade chocolate from Valrhona.

Gru Grococo

A beautiful, sustainable and ethical Grenadan dark chocolate.

Grenada Chocolate Company Salty-Licious

71% Grenada chocolate with Himalayan salt.

Zazubean Mint & Cocoa Nibs

A mint and nibs bar from Vancouver called 'Lunatic'.

Kopali Organics Dark Chocolate Covered Banana

Fair trade and organic chocolate covered banana pieces.

Naive 43% Organic Milk Chocolate

A 43% milk chocolate from Lithuania.

Zotter A Piece Of Forest

Another weird and wonderful bar from Zotter.

Zazubean Banana & Salted Toffee

Dark chocolate from Canada with banana & toffee

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Almond

Fair trade chocolate with almond pieces.

Zotter Labooko Soy Chocolate

Two Zotter bars made with soy instead of milk.

Buddha Chocolate Cup And Crystal Salt Bar

A raw, organic take on the peanut butter cup.

Benoît Nihant Dark Milk Chocolate With Fleur De Sel

A dark milk bean-to-bar chocolate with sea salt.

Feeding Your Imagination ‘Seductive’

Theraputic, seductive chocolate, or pretentious rubbish?

Zotter Christmas Crackling

Christmas flavours wrapped in Zotter chocolate.

Pacari Raw 70% With Salt & Nibs

A wonderful raw chocolate from Ecaudor.

Feeding Your Imagination ‘Lovely’

Organic milk chocolate with peppermint and cardamom.

Rococo Crystallised Ginger

A Rococo artisan bar with ginger essence.

Manufaktura Czekolady Deserowa Grand Cru Ghana

Organic dark chocolate from Poland's only bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

Zotter Scotch Whisky

Whisky and chocolate combined. What's not to love?

Taza Chocolate Mexicano Salt & Pepper

Organic, stone ground chocolate with added salt and peper!

Olivia Chocolat Artisan 86%

An organic bean-to-bar dark chocolate from Canadian chocolate maker Olivia.

Zotter Labooko India & Congo 65%

Two 65% bars made with ethically sourced beans from Congo and India.

Pacari Andean Blueberry

A dark chocolate with blueberries made with ethically sourced local ingredients from Ecuadorian bean-to-bar chocolate maker Pacari.

Soma Black Science Dominican Republic Cacao Nibs

Addictive chocolate covered cacao nibs from Canada's Soma Chocolatemaker.

Zotter Peanuts & Ketchup

Another bar from the weird world of Zotter. Who says ketchup and chocolate don't mix?

Zotter Plum Brandy

One of the more down to Earth flavour combinations from Austrian chocolate maker Zotter.

Seed & Bean Pumkin Seeds & Hemp Oil

Another bar from Seed & Bean, the Nottingham based maker of fair trade, organic chocolate bars.

Zotter Labooko Ecuador 60% & Nicaragua 50%

High cocoa-content single origin milk chocolates from Zotter

Zotter Pink Grapefruit

If there was going to be a successful blending of grapefruit and chocolate in a commercially produced chocolate bar, it was going to be someone like Josef Zotter who was going to do it...

Café-Tasse Dark Chocolate With Orange & Black Pepper

We’ve seen lemon and pepper more than once, and I tackled a strawberry and pepper combination last year, but never orange and pepper. Until now.

Nero & Bianco Fairtrade Chocolate

Nero & Bianco are a High Wycombe based company, selling Fairtrade chocolate from Peru and The Dominican Republic.

Snake & Butterfly Selection

I went with the 67% Madagascar bar, whose ingredients are limited to cacao nibs, sugar, and cocoa butter.

Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Banana

Say hello to yet another in the (seemingly endless) line of Thornton’s slabs.

Jme Collection Fairtrade Chocolate

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and the nice people at the Fairtrade Foundation were good enough to send some samples of Fairtrade chocolate that we hadn’t seen before.

Seed & Bean Clementine Milk Chocolate

As Dom mentioned, we’ve been given the whole Organic Seed & Bean bar range to review. This 37% cocoa milk chocolate bar is made with 77% Fairtrade ingredients, all of which are also organically produced. At 37% cocoa it’s richer …

Cocoa Loco Champagne Truffles

My last encounter with Cocoa Loco was back in 2009 and took the form of a rather hot chilli chocolate bar. This time round, I have something a little more sedate; this rather cute little box of six handmade, organic …

Wei of Chocolate Wei Happy

I am pleased to say that I have finally found a chocolate maker in Phoenix. I discovered Wei of Chocolate at a farmer’s market, educating passers by about how to get the most nutrition-wise out of your chocolate. After sampling …

Mast Brothers Grand Cru 81%

When Dom reviewed the first Mast Brothers bar I felt a genuine pang of envy. Seriously. When I read the review I immediately lusted for a taste of this wondrous chocolate that those bearded brothers were bringing to life in …

Seed & Bean Lemon & Poppy Seeds

Seed & Bean are a UK company producing ethical and organic chocolate bars. They sent us their entire range (expect more reviews soon!), but this caught my eye as I’ve never reviewed a chocolate bar with poppy seeds. Simon recently …

Zotter Coffee Plum With Caramelised Bacon

Well would you look at that. Another slightly mad chocolate bar from Zotter. Who would ever have thought. Oh, and more bacon too. Because it’s just not real chocolate if it doesn’t contain bacon. The official description of this bar …

Just Us Midnight Mint

On the episode of The Simpsons where Homer forms a barbershop quartet, there’s a conversation when the foursome are trying to come up with a name which states they picked one which was funny the first time anybody heard it, …

Jaz & Jul’s Organic Hot Chocolate

I’ve been aware of Jaz & Jul’s for some time now, but only had a chance to talk to them properly and pick up some samples at the Southbank Chocolate Festival. Jaz & Juls just make hot chocolate. They use …

Booja-Booja Raspberry Truffles

Booja-Booja sent this little box after company founder Colin Mace found Simon’s review of their Flambéd Banana Truffles and got in touch to say how much he liked our little blog. Never one to miss an opportunity, I managed to …

Zotter Lemon Polenta

I brought this bar along as a little treat while I work in the Middle East. It’s (currently) the last Zotter bar in my possession, and as we’ve come to expect the flavour combination is, shall we say, a little …

Theo Creamy Milk Chocolate

They are still rare enough that American bean-to-bar chocolatiers already gain some automatic esteem from me. When I looked at one of these, Theo, in the past, I had further good things to say. This bar looks quite far from …

Chocoholly Plain Dark Organic Chocolate

This simple, 40g bar of 72% dark, organic chocolate was thrust into my hand by Holly at the recent Speciality & Fine Food Fair. It’s a very simple bar, but one of my main reasons for wanting to talk about …

Mitzi Blue Sternenmilch

Time for another of Josef Zotter’s offshoot ‘Mitzi Blue‘ products (I was going to say ‘bars’ but that would be wrong – this is a disc). This time we have the slightly scary sounding ‘Sternenmilch’ (UK consumers have the friendlier …

Meybona Organic Coconut Chocolate

Unfortunately there was a bit of an incident involving the outer wrapper of this Meybona mini bar which means I couldn’t photograph it. Luckily the rest of the bar was just fine, as you can see. Meybona isn’t terribly well …

Rococo Moroccan Mint

Here’s a little something I liberated from the Rococo stand at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair. It’s a 65% organic dark chocolate bar with organic mint, and comes in a brightly coloured wrapper, the design of which is inspired …

Zotter Schönberger Red

Something else from our favourite Austrian chocolate maker, and this time it’s a boozy little bar containing Schönberger red wine. In keeping with Zotter’s organic / fair trade ingredients policy, the red wine is also organic. There are also a …

Organicfair Canadiana

Writing for Chocablog has changed me. I used to be able to enjoy going to places and not spend my time digging around in shops obsessively looking for unusual kinds of chocolate, but not any more. Now I spend every …

Grenada Chocolate Company 82%

A few days after I picked this bar up in Waitrose, the lovely people at Chococo sent me another. As it only takes a single bar to write a review, I’ll be giving away the spare bar at the end …

Vivani Feine Bitter Cassis

One of the things I like most about this job is when a company whose products you’ve written about sees what you’ve written and decides to send you a big box of chocolate. It’s not just the free chocolate (no, …

Booja Booja Flambéd Banana Truffles

Booja Booja is a Norfolk based company specialising in organic, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian friendly chocolates, They’ve won numerous awards from organic and vegetarian societies, and definitely fall into the ‘slightly bonkers chocolate makers’ category (I mean – Booja-Booja?) …

Mitzi Blue ML

Although I didn’t realise it at the time of purchase, Mitzi Blue is an offshoot of the slightly eccentric Zotter brand. A quick look at the web site reveals that there are a couple of dozen Mitzi Blue products available …

Zotter Golden Cherries of Uzbekistan

This is the second of the handful of Zotter bars I picked up in Vienna, and possibly the most unusual in terms of title/flavour. A little research reveals that Uzbekistan is something of a fruit producing country, and the Golden …

Go*Do Organic Chocolate

This little lot was sent to us by Italian company Go*Do who will be launching in the UK in September. According to the company web site, they take their ethical responsibilities seriously, with the cocoa and cane sugar coming from …

Zotter Butter Caramel

One of the peculiar things about working for Chocablog is that I rarely have any idea what any of the other writers are up to until I read their reviews. Dom and I will occasionally consult as to what we …

The Chocolate Tree Dark Chocolate With Strawberry & Pepper

This is the last of the three Chocolate Tree bars I picked up on my recent trip to Edinburgh. It has crushed black peppercorns and dried strawberries, which struck me as an interesting and unusual combination. I’d had chocolate with …

Zhena’s Gypsy Chocolate Jasmine Tea

One of the nice things about World Market is that, besides the occasional snow-cone or cookie samples, there are always coffee and/or tea in the back of the store. Perfect to pick up while browsing the chocolate shelves, not to …

Chocolate & Love Crushed Diamonds

This is one of the Chocolate & Love own branded bars that I picked up at their recent tasting session in central London. It’s one of those strange chocolates that can’t decide if it wants to be dark or milk. …

Zotter Olives With Lemon

It’s time for something weird and wonderful from Zotter – that slightly mad Austrian bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This time we have a 60% dark chocolate with an olive and lemon filling – something which sounds positively tame by normal Zotter …

Duffy’s Star Of Peru 43%

Time for another bar from Duffy Sheardown – one of only two bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the UK. This time it’s a milk chocolate made with Peruvian beans. As with all the bars in the range, the packaging is simple …

Duffy’s Heart of Panama 70%

It may surprise you to learn that there are only two people making chocolate from the bean in the UK. The first was Willie Harcourt-Cooze (of Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory fame), and now we have Duffy Sheardown and his Red …

Niko B Organic Chocolates Selection

Anthony Ferguson is an American chocolate maker who up until 2001 was working for Silicon Graphics in San Francisco. These days, he’s living in Hackney with his British wife and running a chocolate company named after his son Nikolas. I …

Chocoholly Salted Caramels

Holly Caulfied – aka Chocoholly – is one of my favourite British chocolatiers. Not only is she an all-round lovely person to know, but her artistic talents make her chocolates some of the most creative and attractive chocolates around. The …

Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

This little pack from Zotter contains two 35g bars of something akin to white chocolate. I say ‘akin to white chocolate’, because rather than simply being flavoured, these bars have had most of the milk powder that normally goes into …

Zotter Cheese, Walnuts & Raisins

Cheese may be a slightly odd thing to put into a bar of chocolate, but it’s not quite as odd as bacon. And besides, some of us eat cheesecakes every day, so it can’t be that bad, right? Still, Austrian …

Zotter Bacon Bits

On a cold and rainy spring afternoon, I ventured into town and into the depths of John Lewis’s food hall to meet the man from Zotter and sample his wares. That’s him in the picture. And the man with the …

Pralus Tanzanie Forastero

75% Tanzanian dark chocolate from Pralus.

Vivani Praliné

I’m having one of those days. Trying to write software that runs on different versions of Windows – and I’ve hit a stumbling block in Vista. As it seems, one does. The Chinese curse applies doubly so to Windows Vista: …

Sainsbury’s So Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate

This 100g bar of 35% cocoa milk chocolate is obviously aimed squarely at the would-be buyer of slightly more expensive Swiss milk chocolate, but obviously the main difference here is that all of the ingredients that can be organic and …

Organic Meltdown Sweet Candied Orange

Back in July, Simon reviewed two Organic Meltdown bars and gave them a fairly positive write-up, so I was keen to try this when I found it in Waitrose. But before I get to the chocolate, I want to talk …

Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate With Cardamom

Another one of Holly Caulfield’s handmade, organic chocolate bars, this time infused with cardamom – one of my favourite spices. This is a 37% cocoa milk chocolate bar, made using organic ingredients and is of a similar high standard to …

Green & Black’s Creamy Milk

Green & Black’s have been pushing this bar quite hard lately. Oddly, there seems to be a lot of large ads for it in London Underground stations at the moment, proclaiming that it’s a creamier and lighter than their standard …

Terra Nostra Intense Dark

Guest Chocablogger Michael Edwards is back with another Canadian offering… To be honest, I wasn’t even really expecting to find anything out of the ordinary in the chocolate aisle during a quick stop at the mall, but there just happened …

Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate Fish With Geranium

Another offering from artist-turned-chocolate maker Holly Caulfield, these chocolate fish actually taste like flowers – geraniums to be precise. Having had both good and merely reasonable geranium flavoured chocolate before, I was interested to see what these fish shaped chocolates …

Rococo Dia de Los Muertos

When I realised that Rococo have been in the business of producing fine quality chocolate for over twenty five years I felt slightly ashamed that I hadn’t come across their products before. Fate plays strange tricks on us after all. …

DeAngelis – Pure, Dark & Italian

One of the things I like best about this job is discovering products, manufacturers and ideas that are completely new to me. These chocolate bars from UK-based Australian-Italian chocolate maker Rocco DeAngelis are definitely new to me. For a start, …

Montezuma’s Chilli & Lime Milk Chocolate

In keeping with my current philosophy of buying any and all chocolate in brightly coloured packaging, I picked this bar up in Waitrose, attracted by the bright green logo on the front. Long time Chocablog readers may remember we’ve looked …

Chocoholly Organic Dark Chocolate With Chilli & Coconut

Holly Caulfield is an artist based in Brighton, and apparently she was so moved by watching the movie Chocolat that she decided to become a chocolatier. A little over eighteen months ago Chocoholly was born and Holly began selling her …

Green & Black’s Sultana & Cinnamon Crunch Biscuits

Over the past year or so, Cadbury seem to have spent most of their time sticking Green & Black’s logos on just about everything they can find. A quick glance at their online store will give you some idea of …

Organic Meltdown Bars

Some time ago (prior to a dose of what may have been swine flu which rendered my palate inactive for over a month) the people at Organic Meltdown sent over a brace of their bars for my attention. If you’re …

Alter Eco Dark Chocolate Mint

Organic, Fair Trade, mint flavoured dark chocolate.

EZA Mascao Cappuccino

Here we are again, the great Coffee/Chocolate debate rears its ugly head once again. An often used but seldom-perfected combination, coffee and chocolate seems to be one of the really tough flavour pairings. Bought in Vienna, this bar has excellent …

Loving Earth Selection

Having reviewed the Loving Earth Raw Organic Lucuma and Maca chocolate block previously, I was intrigued to try their smaller, 40 gram bars of raw chocolate, especially when their blurb tells me that this has up to four times as …

Taza 70% Stone Ground

I truly feel bad about this. I got this unique bar while on vacation, so I kept it nice and wrapped up for a week. But on the return drive, what happens? I realize that the heater is on and …

Green & Black’s Espresso

With the temperature here in London hitting 32°C, it’s possibly not the best time to be reviewing chocolate. But I had this sat on my desk, and I wanted to try it, so I had no other choice but to …

Loving Earth Raw Organic Chocolate

Loving Earth is a Melbourne-based company that makes chocolate from the highest quality organic ingredients they have literally found and brought back from their community development work and sojourns around the world. They buy their cacao from an indigenous community …

Green & Black’s Butterscotch

“Oh my… Has anyone reviewed this yet? its making me cheat on my diet, calling me seductively from the drawer i’m keeping it in. Help!” When Chocablog reader Kathy sent us that email, I sent both Kath and Ashleigh out …

Seeds of Change – US Bars

With a couple of reviews of the UK version of this chocolate already online, it was lovely to be contacted by Seeds of Change with an offer to try some more of their organic chocolate bars. This time however, the …

Dagoba Lavender Blueberry & Milk Chocolate

The two bars I’ve previously reviewed saw me liking the Dagoba Chai and disliking the Dagoba Seeds bar. However, today, I had two guest reviewers, one of whom, Juliet, urged me to try Dagoba’s Lavender Blueberry and then their milk …

Kallari 75% & 85%

Here are the other two bars from Kallari, this time with green and blue leaves. I was expecting them to taste much like the 70%, but it turns out that each bar is distinctive while still maintaining a Kallari style. …

Kallari 70%

There have been a lot of bland, uninteresting fair trade & organic chocolates going around, so Kallari (kahl-YA-di) chose the perfect time to send me the three bars in their range, which is anything but boring. Besides the USDA Organic …

Dagoba Chai

This bar was approached with a fair amount of trepidation after the severe disappointment of Dagoba’s 68% cocoa-content dark chocolate with hemp seeds. Was this one destined to go the same way? After all, it was starting a few steps …

Endangered Species Cherries & Raspberries

“Based in Indianapolis, Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) was established in 1993 to increase awareness of endangered species and the need to do more help support the efforts made in their conservation. ESC ethically source their cacao from family-owned, sustainable forest …

Blakes Organic Dark Truffle With Cocoa Nibs

Here we have another Fairtrade bar, and this one also happens to be organic as well. I picked this up in a health food shop in London – one which incidentally stocked a fair few of Emma Jackman’s Chocster-winning Conscious …

Dagoba ‘Seeds’

Dagoba is clearly a chocolate company with worthy ideals and ethics behind it. This US company was founded relatively recently in 2001 by Frederick Schilling. He had the novel idea of aligning the cocoa bean turning into chocolate with alchemy …

Rococo Artisan Bar With Cinnamon

Here’s an interesting little bar from Waitrose. I bought it because it’s plain white wrapper stood out amongst all the brightly coloured bars on the shelf. The packaging itself is a bit weird – a rather strangely decorated sheet of …

Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Dark

When I received this in the post recently I was immediately taken with the packaging design. I love the colours and the overall tone of the wrapper. It’s very Caribbean, with a ‘home made’ feel, and reading the information on …

Conscious Chocolate Choca Mocha Magic

Earlier this year when I emailed Emma at Conscious to tell her she’d won a Chocster, her reply mentioned a range of new flavours she was working on. Since I enjoyed her previous ten bars so much I naturally (and …

Duchy Originals Bezants

I’ll confess, I actually had to look up the word ‘bezant‘ to discover its true meaning. For those who are as uneducated as me, it’s a form of medieval gold coin. But I’m glad I took the time to look …

Mulu Raw Chocolate

Here’s another company producing raw chocolate using low temperature production and chemical-free cocoa and Agave syrup. Their production methods are similar to those of the two Emmas (‘Conscious‘ Emma and ‘Pure‘ Emma), so I was expecting something similar in the …

Theo Bread and Chocolate

I found myself at World Market again. In the chocolate isle, of course. I stood there and wondered what delicious thing I should choose. Amongst all the sophisticated packaging, the girliness in me thought these kitties were cute. Then I …

Cocoa Farm Orange Organic Dark

Cocoa Farm ( is the only chocolate maker that grow their own cocoa beans in Australia and only the second Aussie manufacturer to make their chocolate direct from the cocoa bean instead of the paste (Haigh’s is the other, but …

Prestat Organic Dark Chocolate

At £3.60 for an 80g bar, this is probably one of the more expensive bars I’ve purchased recently, but as with the Cocoa Tree Ginger bar which I bought at the same time, I was particularly attracted to the packaging. …

Cocoa Tree Ginger Organic

You can probably tell from the photograph above why this bar caught my eye. You can see the bar through the packaging and it’s absolutely packed with crystallised ginger. It must have made an impact because I bought this without …

Bovetti Organic Dark Chocolate with Seaweed

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered since I began writing for Chocablog, it’s that modern chocolatiers love to experiment with texture and flavour. Alas, it’s still the case that continental chocolate makers seem to have the upper hand when it …

M&S Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate With Rose

This was another gift from my friend Paola. The last gift she gave me was the Chocolate Cellar’s Rose ‘N’ Chilli Chocolate, so I think she may have a thing about roses (or she’s trying to tell me something!?!). But …

Seeds of Change Organic Milk Chocolate with Apricot and Cashew

When I reviewed Seeds of Change’s Dark Chocolate Fig & Orange bar in January, I said to expect to see more from them on Chocablog – and here it is. This time I’ve chosen a milk chocolate bar to review …

M&S Organic Fairtrade Milk Chocolate With Cinnamon, Coriander & Nutmeg

We’ve all seen the adverts on TV “This isn’t just any (insert name of food), this is Marks & Spencer (whatever)”. Well, this is Marks & Spencer 36% organic Fairtrade cocoa milk chocolate made from beans grown in Peru and …

Seeds Of Change Organic Dark Chocolate – Orange & Fig

“Fragrant figs ripened in the Aegean sun, paired with zesty oranges, enveloped in our rich dark chocolate. Heaven.” Sounds good, doesn’t it? Certainly my first chocolate/fig combination, and from a company I normally associate with pasta sauces! The back of …

Duchy Originals Orange Thins

It’s a little known fact that Prince Charles spends most of his free time making chocolate. And the reason it’s little known is primarily because it’s completely untrue. But these chocs are from the Prince’s Duchy Orignals line, and that’s …
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