Kallari 70%

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Kallari 70%

There have been a lot of bland, uninteresting fair trade & organic chocolates going around, so Kallari (kahl-YA-di) chose the perfect time to send me the three bars in their range, which is anything but boring.

Besides the USDA Organic mark, Kallari is stamped as Rain Forest Alliance Certified. The company is beyond even Fair Trade, being “the only farmers’ cooperative in the world that harvests, markets, and enjoys all the profits from its own line of organic chocolate.” 850 Kichwa families produce the chocolate, which is mainly Cacao Nacional, but also has Criollo, Trinitario, Venezuelan, and Blonde Cacao beans. The black box folds out to tell this story, or you can read about it at their website (which also has some great photography.) “Sustainable pleasure for palate and planet,” as their slogan says. Besides online, you can find them at Whole Foods Market.

Kallari 70%

Kallari calls its chocolate “intensely flavorful and delicate.” Gentle I can imagine, but delicate? Especially along with “intense,” I was wondering how they got that. But it’s the perfect word for these eighteen leaf-marked pieces. They have a deep chocolatey aroma, while still reminiscing of an endearing confectionery. Just. . . awesome. The taste starts out in a deep purpley, moves onto the lightest of fruits, and ends with a strongly flavorful vanilla that still flows on one level. Not harsh of striking. Only delicate, especially considering that it’s a 70%. Like a delicate porcelain figurine, “delicate” doesn’t mean that it can’t have exquisite and thrilling details, though. It melts delicately, too. It’s calm enough that you hardly seem to notice, yet there’s enough of a gentle effect for it to be a delight in itself.

I think no matter who gets a hold of this, milk or dark lovers, they’re all going to attack it. There’s already very little left in my hands.


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  1. Maggie

    Sounds marvellous – and looks quite posh, too. I love the simple design of the box, and the cocoa pod on it brings to mind all those long-forgotten colonial stores. Where can I get some?

  2. If you follow the link I gave, then go from there into their chocolate site, there’s a link called “Where to buy” that lets you buy it online.

  3. Dr. MK Dorsey

    I’ve been to the point of production for Kallari. Its the real thing. I’ve meet the coop members and one of the co-founders, an amazingly dedicated Gringa (American), and even have a now healed machete cut on my palm to prove all of this*.

    Bottom line: this is AMAZING chocolate and if you buy it you’re doing something wonderful for people that are on the literal, leading edge of stopping rainforest destruction.

  4. I got a bar of this yesterday from a friend and cannot wait to try it (I’m finishing off a 70% Lindt Excellence bar). My mother is from Ecuador so I am doubly excited to experience this chocolate.

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