Zotter Monte Limar

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Zotter Monte Limar

It’s time to explore some more wacky chocolate from the mind of Josef Zotter, the mad scientist of Austrian chocolate.

Zotter Monte Limar is a little more restrained than usual though. There’s no Advocaat, polenta or bacon here. What we have here is a relatively restrained nougat bar.

Zotter Monte Limar

I say ‘relatively restrained’, because life is never simple with Zotter. Take the chocolate. It’s a 60% cocoa solids organic, Fair Trade, bean-to-bar milk chocolate. That’s richer than many dark chocolates, and it tastes better than most too.

Inside, the bar isn’t just nougat either. There’s actually two layers. As far as I can make out, one is almond nougat and the other is hazelnut nougat. Both are soft, creamy and delicious. And then there’s the pistachios. Just look at the pistachios!

Zotter Monte Limar

I’m a bit of a sucker for pistachios and love them almost as much as I love nougat, so you probably won’t be surprised to learn that this 70g bar disappeared very, very quickly. As I write this review, I have one tiny bite-sized piece left. A memory of what used to be.

As is often the case with these ‘hand scooped’ Zotter bars, my only real complaint is that the chocolate is so thin. Its primary purpose is to hold the filling in place and it doesn’t have a great impact on the overall experience. I love that Zotter bring quality ingredients to what is really a confectionery product.

Zotter are still relatively difficult to get hold of in the UK, and a quick search of the usual online stockists like Chocolatiers doesn’t bring up this new bar yet, but you can find it on the Austrian website, and I’m sure it will be more widely available soon.


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  1. Wow….. I need to rustle up one of these!

  2. I love the sound of this as I am a sucker for pistachios too. I’ve only ever tried a couple of Zotter bars, one being Bacon Bits which I loved. This one sounds quite “sane” in comparison but I bet it’s awesome too.

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