TCHO SeriousMilk Cacao

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TCHO SeriousMilk Cacao

I love a good, rich milk chocolate, so I was looking forward to trying this hefty 53% milk chocolate from San Francisco based TCHO. It’s one of two “SeriousMilk” bars, the other being a 39% “Classic”.

TCHO prefer to talk about flavour notes rather than origins, which is a great way to get people thinking about the natural flavours in chocolate. TCHO describe this particular bar as having “a dreamy, fudgy flavor and a smooth, creamy finish”.

TCHO SeriousMilk Cacao

Trying a small square, the first thing I noticed was a quite intense chocolatey hit and a very smooth, buttery texture. It takes a few seconds for the sweetness and creaminess to come through, but when they do you really do get a very pleasant, fudgey note.

The finish is both creamy and chocolatey, but never too sweet or too bitter. In terms of flavour, it’s not complex. It’s simply a great tasting, rich milk chocolate. In fact, if there’s one problem with this chocolate it’s that it’s just too easy to eat the whole thing far too quickly. It’s no surprise that it won an International Chocolate Award for the best American-made milk chocolate last year.

TCHO SeriousMilk Cacao

I seem to be going through a bit of a milk chocolate phase at the moment, and it’s great to know that there’s such a great choice of quality, rich milk chocolates being produced by artisan chocolate makers. For milk chocolate fans and dark chocolate lovers alike, this is a bar you’ll want to try.


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  1. Jen

    How funny – this is the bar I stayed up late eating last night and now am awake too early this morning! Definitely cocoa in there! It’s a great bar.

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