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When I received this in the post recently I was immediately taken with the packaging design. I love the colours and the overall tone of the wrapper. It’s very Caribbean, with a ‘home made’ feel, and reading the information on the back told me quite a lot in not many words.

This chocolate isn’t just grown on Grenada, the whole process from tree to bar is undertaken by a co-operative. It’s beyond fair trade, if you will. They even use solar power in their factory!

The company’s website is well worth a visit, as it describes in detail (with pictures) the whole process of manufacture, from tree to finished product something many of you may not know much about.

The chocolate itself is a deep, glossy brown with that characteristic snap that only good quality, high cocoa content chocolate has. It has aromas of citrus and wood, with a slightly bitter top note which is typical of the Trinitario beans grown on Grenada. Being organic I think this chocolate tends to exhibit more of the beans’ complex flavours, and it’s the same on the palate. Melting away very quickly, this chocolate delivers a beautifully soft, light, bittersweet set of flavours. This chocolate reminded me of the Mulu Raw chocolate I reviewed a while ago – quick melting and whisper-light with a deliciously bittersweet, clean finish.

Of course, any chocolate made from organic ingredients by a small producer isn’t going to be cheap, but this is pretty special chocolate. The company have links on their site so that consumers worldwide can buy online or from local distributors, which is a very canny move. Another ‘special treat’ bar, methinks, but one well worth paying for.


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  1. Ooh, this one looks really nice. *salivating*
    Me wants.. maybe just one for christmas.. 😀

    I love your reviews of special bars like this one!

  2. Wow, I’d buy it just for the gorgeous wrapper alone but when all the other goodly stuff is revealed I am even more envious.

    If Dom does another round of Chocsters 2008, maybe this is a vote from you, Simon?

  3. Simon

    I’d say that was highly likely, but there are always great and groovy things around the corner, eh?

  4. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    There’ll definitely be another Chocsters, but there’s a long way to go til February…

  5. Put it this way Dom – I seem to hold my own personal Chocsters at least once a week!

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