Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

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Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

Mitzi Blue is a brand of Zotter, the slightly mad Austrian chocolate maker. The Mitzi Blue range all follow a standard format – discs of chocolate, usually flavoured with spices and petals. They’re often just as wacky as the main Zotter range. Some of them even have nipples.

Thankfully this bar is nipple-free, but it does come with a healthy dose of spices and rose petals.

Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

I’ll say it right out, I’m not convinced by the look of the Mitzi Blue bars. Sure, decorating chocolate with petals is going to make it look exotic, but the prospect of eating flowers with your chocolate isn’t going to appeal to everyone.

The texture can be a little off-putting too. I don’t mind it in general, but sometimes you’ll get a slightly harder pieces of dried rose petal stuck in your teeth, which detracts from the whole idea of an indulgent chocolate experience somewhat.

Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

That aside, I did enjoy the chocolate. It’s a rich, 39% milk chocolate, and like all Zotter chocolate, it’s organic, Fair Trade and bean-to-bar. It’s flavoured with almond, cardamom and orange blossom oil. The almond gets a little lost, with the cardamom winning the battle for flavour domination here – and rightly so. I actually love the flavour of the chocolate, and find myself breaking off chunk after chunk without realising.

But the more I have, the more I find those petals annoy me. They just don’t add anything to this smooth, creamy and gently spicy chocolate.

I know the petals are the Mitzi Blue trademark, but I’d rather have it without.

Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

That said, they’re really just a minor annoyance. Whether or not you like this bar really comes down to how much you like cardamom in chocolate. I’m a bit of a fan, although it’s not something I’d want every day. That’s something that could be said for a lot of the Zotter range though.


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