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I brought this bar along as a little treat while I work in the Middle East. It’s (currently) the last Zotter bar in my possession, and as we’ve come to expect the flavour combination is, shall we say, a little leftfield (although perhaps not that leftfield by Zotter standards).

Lemon and polenta isn’t a pairing I would have come up with, but I’m not Josef Zotter, and I don’t spend my time mashing unusual combinations of ingredients together to see what fits. As you ought to know by now, almost all of the ingredients are either organic, fairly traded, or both, and his bar comes coated in Zotter’s dark blend. The filling is a beige colour, and carries a subtle citrus aroma, while the dark chocolate adds the dark cocoa notes I’ve come to expect.

When I broke off a chunk and popped it into my mouth I was immediately hit by just how lemony this bar really is. A wave of bright citrus hits the palate, the result of Zotter using lemon oil, juice and zest.

Mouthwatering stuff, as you might well imagine! As the filling melts away the polenta grains are set free, adding a curious texture to the whole mouthfeel while the dark chocolate works with the lemon, toning down some of the brightness and adding depth to the overall taste.

I’d have to say that it’s quite unusual (who’d have thought that of a Zotter bar!). Once again it’s all about different textures – soft, rich chocolate, a light, moussy filing, and polenta and lemon zest for texture at the finish. There’s also a little salt, cane sugar brandy and almond in the mix – further evidence of the attention to detail and obvious refining of taste that all of Zotter’s products seem to go through.

Luckily everyone in the UK can enjoy these bars, either by purchasing from John Lewis or other stores or by ordering online. It’s been said before, but if you’re a fan of chocolate and have a penchant for the unusual, Josef Zotter is definitely your man.


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  1. Maggie

    Actually, lemon and polenta is a fantastic combination – you should try my lemon and polenta cake 🙂

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