Les Chocolats de Pauline Grand Cru Tanzanie

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This 70g slab of French chocolate from Chocolats de Pauline was given to me a while ago and I was hanging onto it so I could share it with a friend who has a severe lactose intolerance. You see, this rather lovely looking slab of chocolate is made with just two ingredients – cacao & sugar. What’s more, those ingredients are 100% Organic, making it one of the ‘purest’ chocolates I have tasted in quite a while. Crack open the rather elegant gold box & inside you find a simple yet elegant slab of dark chocolate with a cacao pod motif embossed in the larger square.

Before we get to tasting, I should tell you about the smell of this bar. It’s purity makes for some great cacao aromas – rich red fruits and floral high notes with that dark, rich undercurrent of cacao which promise great things. On the palate those aromas are amplified beautifully, and as the chocolate melts there’s a lovely acidity which precedes the rich, fruity darkness of the cacao. It’s a 70% cacao chocolate which means that the darker, more robust flavours are kept in check by the organic cane sugar which lends that slightly molasses-like sweetness to the chocolate.

As I said previously, it’s been a while since I tasted chocolate made so simply. Just two ingredients (well three if you want to divide ‘cacao’ into cacao paste and cacao butter) which can only deliver the real essence of the bean. From the initial acidity through the developing flavours of red fruits and light licorice to the lingering light, clean finish, I found myself thoroughly enjoying this, and I don’t believe this was entirely due to a recent lack of top notch chocolate.

This bar (or a version thereof) is available to buy from www.saveursetnature.com and at €4.95 it’s also rather good value for money. From the looks of things ‘Chocolats de Pauline’ is now ‘Saveurs et Nature’. I can only hope that only the packaging has been changed.


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