Theo Bread and Chocolate

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I found myself at World Market again. In the chocolate isle, of course. I stood there and wondered what delicious thing I should choose. Amongst all the sophisticated packaging, the girliness in me thought these kitties were cute. Then I noticed the name. Bread and chocolate? Okay, you’re coming with me! I’d never heard of such a combination.

This is part of the 3400 Phinney (the company’s address) Fantasy Flavor Flight range, all of which display the artwork of “Kittenchops,” of course. Despite the silly look, Theo Chocolate is very conscious, proudly displaying organic, Fair Trade, and fifty-percent recycled signs. In fact, they claim to be “The only organic, fair-trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States.”

When I opened it up, I thought I’d found another Green and Black’s, but then I realized that the aroma is different. Less lofty somehow. The bar is definately plainer than I’d expected, but still not lacking in creativity. Its flawless surface is like a deep mirror. It’s a healthy gloss rather than a cheap shine.

Seeing the little crunchy bits (yes, French Bread is an ingredient), I wondered if it might be like some sort of good quality Crunch Bar. Sitting a piece in my mouth, I found some nice red flavors in the chocolate, along with something sweeter when I came to the bread pieces. Honey, maybe, I thought. But I wasn’t really getting it.

So I decided to chew on a piece instead. Oh, my, what an experience. Now I know how chocolate can be nostalgic even if it isn’t something you ate during childhood. And I didn’t eat bread and chocolate, either. Unsure how to describe the taste, I turned to the ingedients list. Butter made with sweet cream, sea salt. That explains it, then.

This bar is the perfect example of melding flavors together. Deep chocolate, crunchy bread, sweet butter, and tart salt. You can taste them all, and they all work so beautifully together. I can’t wait to try the other two Theo bars I bought. So thank you so much, Theo Chocolate, for an amazing new idea based off the everday “bread and butter.”


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  1. Simon

    That sounds fascinating, and it’s certainly a unique take on flavours.
    You’re doing some very interesting reviews Deanna.

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