Blakes Organic Dark Truffle With Cocoa Nibs

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Blakes Organic Dark Truffle With Cocoa Nibs

Here we have another Fairtrade bar, and this one also happens to be organic as well. I picked this up in a health food shop in London – one which incidentally stocked a fair few of Emma Jackman’s Chocster-winning Conscious Bars. At 55% cocoa it wasn’t going to be very dark, but it was the prospect of sinking my teeth into more yummy little cocoa nibs meant I just had to have this one.

Blakes is an Irish company but the chocolate bar itself is made in Switzerland, and contains two sugar products, Syramena and Sucramat, which are apparently raw and refined organic products. There are certainly hints of caramel and rich dark sugars in this chocolate. I’d place it on the dark side of milk rather than really dark chocolate, and as such I think it would appeal to a lot of people. Too much at one sitting can be a little TOO sweet, but if you’re in a sharing mood this one could earn you a few new friends.

This chocolate has a superbly soft mouthfeel. Soft, sweet, creamy chocolate with a generous sprinkling of crisp,This chocolate has a superbly soft mouthfeel. Soft, sweet, creamy chocolate with a generous sprinkling of crisp, nutty cocoa nibs which are packed full of rich cocoa flavours, and are a personal favourite of mine.

This is a ‘nibbling’ bar – something to eat slowly while savouring the flavours. It’s so rich that more than a couple of chunks at one sitting can turn the whole taste experience from pure pleasure into mild ‘overdose’ queasiness. I really enjoyed the overall flavour combination of cocoa, sugar and nibs, and of course extra points are scored for organic/Fairtrade credentials.

Apparently Blakes have secured a distribution deal with John Lewis, so UK readers should have little problem locating this (and the other bars in the range), and I’d say it was well worth seeking out.


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  1. Sounds quite nice – I’ll pop into John Lewis tomorrow and see if I can find it there. Any idea if it’s available anywhere else in the UK?

  2. Looks like it is not available here in the US

  3. Oooooh, cocoa nibs. YOU might only be able to manage a couple of squares Simon, but I reckon I could go a few rows without any hassle.

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