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It’s been a little while since I indulged in any of Josef Zotter’s creations, so when I came a cross this cryptically-named bar from the ‘hand scooped’ range I was a little excited. Being Zotter, ‘A Piece Of Forest’ could mean almost anything but fear not, it’s not a lump of wood covered in chocolate – this bar is composed of a cranberry ganache sitting on a home made nougat made with walnut oil, all covered in chestnut milk chocolate.

As one might expect, it’s a sweet, fruity little number. Zotter’s hand scooped bars have a much higher ratio of filling to chocolate and the chocolate coating is probably the least sweet part of this bar. The cranberry ganache is both sweet and acidic, with mouthwatering high notes from tiny pieces of cranberry. The walnut oil nougat that sits beneath the ganache is an earthier counterpart to the sweet ganache, but it doesn’t stop the ganache from being the overarching flavour. In fact, I’d say this was possibly the sweetest Zotter Bar I’ve tried. It’s part of a whole new range of delicious/strange/amusing sounding bars released last year and like all of Zotter’s creations, organically farmed and fairly traded ingredients are used wherever possible.

As well as being about as organic and Fairtrade as it’s possible to get, Zotter decided that a small proportion of the profits from sales of this bar should go into a reforestation project in Laos – another reason to go out and buy one of these for yourself, but be warned, there’s nothing dark and mysterious about this bar. It’s light, fruity and sweet and as such fits very well with this time of year (a week of rain excepted!)


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  1. I love Zotter for their unfettered imaginations, and their commitment to ethical chocolate. The only Zotter bar I’ve ever knowingly avoided is their bacon bits bar, and that’s only because I’m vegetarian! This sounds like another winner, despite the sweetness!

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