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We’ve had a bit of a love affair with The Grenada Chocolate Company since we first encountered them four years ago. Possibly the most ethically-minded chocolate company on the planet, they go well beyond what we think of as “bean to bar” chocolate, describing themselves as “tree to bar”. The chocolate is made on site in the same place as it’s grown by a co-operative of cocoa farmers, headed by Mott Green.

When we interviewed Mott for World Chocolate Guide back in October, he talked about this bar, but this is the first time I’ve actually had a chance to sit down with a bar to myself to review.

It’s similar to the first Grenada Chocolate Company bar we ever tried, being a robust 71% cocoa solids. Of course differences in bean batches and chocolate making techniques mean that artisan products like this change over time, but nearly all of what Simon wrote about the chocolate back in 2008 still stands true. It’s a rich, dark and glossy bar with a sweet flavour and very smooth texture.

But the first thing I noticed was just how beautiful the bar is. Simply wrapped in foil and paper and beautifully moulded, it looks and feels like a quality product.

Of course what differentiates this bar is the addition of Himalayan salt, sprinkled over the back of the bar. There’s not as much of it and it’s finer grained salt than I was expecting, but even this small amount really does help lift the flavour of the chocolate.

The result is a truly delicious chocolate. The naturally sweet and slightly fruity notes of the Grenada chocolate work perfectly with the hint of salt. I do think it may have benefited from a little more, coarser grained salt, as that would have added an additional texture element, but that’s a minor point. This is a chocolate I could eat all day.

If you’ve not tried any Grenada chocolate yet, this is the bar I’d recommend starting your journey with.


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