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They are still rare enough that American bean-to-bar chocolatiers already gain some automatic esteem from me. When I looked at one of these, Theo, in the past, I had further good things to say.

This bar looks quite far from the whimsical Fantasy Flight range and the upper division 91% bar, being a 45% Creamy Milk Chocolate. It doesn’t have the colorful packaging, either, of the range, and is even plainer than the 91% was, but I still like its look. Classic light blue background, the chocolate acting as both a picture and design, and the tiny milk bottle pouring from the top.

As usual, it is both USDA Organic and Fair-trade Certified, with a couple of sentences about sustainability on the back. It maintains a very pure look.

Milk chocolates in the 40’s range I usually really enjoy; this one had the added intrigue of the “creamy” label. The creaminess is what normally starts to decrease as you go up in percentage. The large and plain six segments the bar divides into somehow didn’t look so attractive in milk chocolate, yet I do like the chance to see easily the perfect sheen and classic chocolate color (which the picture just doesn’t do justice to).

The combination of a high cocoa content and extra milkiness does turn out to be the most memorable part of this bar. “Wow” really can be the describing word. Generally, I associate milky with that melty, thin, and greasy texture, yet being a 45%, this one has a firmer texture and a fuller flavor without the downsides. You can perhaps taste the microscopic flavor notes in the chocolate less than in another 45% because the milky taste lures you in, but it’s worth it. It remains a very rich chocolate, which I’m not used to calling a milk chocolate. It’s like a spoonful of honey — beautiful, pure, enrapturing sweetness.

A lovely bar. It would make a fantastic introduction to gourmet chocolate, and is a fabulous getaway bar. I do believe I am in love with it.


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  1. Love the simple design on the front!

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