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I’d like to introduce you to Olivia. She’s quite slender (2x 50g tablets of dark chocolate) but don’t let that fool you – Olivia packs a punch. She’s Canadian – a first for me – and has excellent organic credentials

This version uses raw, organic Criollo and Trinitario (another version uses the same beans but roasted) and promises a ‘uniquely rich and softer flavour’. The chocolate smells fantastic – rich, deep cacao with winey overtones. On the palate it melts quickly, delivering mild acidity and exceptional smoothness. The first wave of flavours are quite intense (mainly due to the high cacao content) but it very quickly settles down into a smooth, flowing richness with those wine and fruit notes mellowing out as the cacao flavours spread.

The organic cane sugar is apparent, adding a rich sweet undertone which compliments the chocolate well. The mouthfeel is silky smooth and the finish clean and long, making this thoroughly enjoyable. It may be a bit on the ‘dark side’ for some (that initial hit can be quite surprising) but once the chocolate starts to melt it calms down quite quickly. The manufacturers notes recommend trying it with Port or red wine. I’d add ‘and possibly a dessert wine’ – those winey notes might well blend well with a rich, sweet white.

One thing I will say about this chocolate is that it doesn’t have any remarkable flavours. The combination of Trinitario and Criollo beans is a fairly tried and tested combination, and as such there aren’t any dramatic highs or standout flavours. It’s very good quality organic chocolate made with raw beans and organic sugar, gluten free & with all the right credentials, but it’s not outstanding, just very good.

If you’re a fan of deep, dark chocolate I’d definitely give this one a go. If you’re looking for something extraordinary, then there are other (more expensive) bars out there for that. I’ve not been able to find a UK stockist, but you can order Olivia chocolate from their website and they will ship worldwide.


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  1. Michael (Chocablog Staff)

    This sounds like it is in line with the other Olivia bars I’ve had. They really don’t mess around with any half-hearted flavours, and I found it hard to eat much at one time beacuse of that intenseness. I did like their bar with maple syrup though – the sweetness helped to cut through the unrelenting darkness of the chocolate.

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