Loving Earth Selection

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Having reviewed the Loving Earth Raw Organic Lucuma and Maca chocolate block previously, I was intrigued to try their smaller, 40 gram bars of raw chocolate, especially when their blurb tells me that this has up to four times as many antioxidants as normal chocolate.

Loving Earth Selection

First off, was the one in the green wrapper – Crunchy mint dark chocolate. As with them all, it is sugar free(agave syrup is used instead) and contains 72% cocoa solids sourced from a single origin (Satipo, Peru). When opened, it emitted a deliciously inviting, dark aroma.

Being raw, dairy free and sugar free means that it tastes quite different to any other dark chocolate peppermint I’ve had before. Different, but nice and refreshing. The peppermint oil doesn’t overpower the unique flavours of the chocolate which doesn’t melt as much as release its compressed mixture of ingredients and leave a cool mouth feel. Adding some cocoa nibs for crunch and a final kick is a particularly clever touch.

Loving Earth Selection

Secondly, the purple wrapper – Activated Almond and Purple Corn dark chocolate. Now that’s a flavour combination that I’ve never heard of before. Purple corn is a type of maize that is used as a syrup here and supposedly choc-full of antioxidants and other good things. The almonds are soaked in water to help activate their valuable nutrients. Somehow they’re dried and roasted again to regain their crunch, so there’s a fair bit of work involved in just the added ingredients in this bar. And it does taste crunchy, as well as dark, complex and earthy. It is lower in sweetness compared to the crunchy mint bar but that allows the almonds to shine through.

Finally, the red; Organic Goji and Camu dark chocolate bar. This one is my favourite. The goji berries aren’t inedibly dry and chewy like some I’ve tried in health food shops (either on their own or covered in chocolate or yoghurty stuff), but are sweet, toffeeish and combine lovingly with the 62% chocolate. Plus, at the end is an inexplicable white-pepper tickle on the taste buds which is intriguing and delicious. This is the sweetest of the three bars and it was gone before I could say, “Ooops, I’ve just had three bars or 120 grams of chocolate in one sitting.” Which, in my chocoworld, is a positive thing.


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  1. silvermage2000

    The chocolate mint one sounds good. I do not know if I would like the other two or not.

  2. They’re all worth a try because they’re so different to what’s out there and impossible to compare it with anything!

  3. aviva

    They sound interesting but what bothers me is that they are considered sugar free when they contain fructose (agave syrup)and corn syrup.

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