Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

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Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

This little pack from Zotter contains two 35g bars of something akin to white chocolate. I say ‘akin to white chocolate’, because rather than simply being flavoured, these bars have had most of the milk powder that normally goes into white chocolate replaced by raspberry and coconut powders.

Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

The packaging is a little unusual as well. Two completely different bars in a single pack that opens up like a book, with the gold-wrapped bars gently stuck to the insides of the cover.

Unwrap them and you can see just how striking these bars are.

Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

The aroma and taste are just as striking, particularly with the raspberry powder bar. Bite into a chunk and your taste buds are immediately zapped by the sweet, citrusy zing of raspberries. It has all the consistency of white chocolate, but a taste all of its own. There are literally no chocolate flavours at all.

As you might expect, the coconut bur is more subtle, and you can still pick up a little of the white chocolate creaminess. But still coconut is the dominant flavour – much more so than something like a Bounty bar.

Zotter Labooko Duo Raspberry & Coconut

Of course, sugar is still the main ingredient of both these bars, so they’re both still very sweet. The result is something that’s much closer to fun candy than chocolate. If you’re hoping for sophisticated chocolate and subtle flavours, you’re probably not going to appreciate these at all.

Personally though, I loved them both – particularly the raspberry version. I’m not sure quite how Zotter have managed to turn raspberry and coconut into such a fine powder that it can effectively replace the milk powder in chocolate, but they have (and they’ve also done it with soya and green tea!) The fact that they’ve managed to achieve it with organic and fair trade ingredients is even more impressive.

Zotter continue to impress me with their weird and wonderful products. So I guess I’m going to have to try the cheese and wine chocolates next…


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