Zazubean Mint & Cocoa Nibs

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After being suitably impressed with their banana and salted toffee bar, I was quite excited to taste some of the other varieties that Zazubean had to offer. And that brought me to their Mint and Cocoa Nibs bar because I had never seen a bar that brought together those two things before. I was heading into unknown territory. But I like mint chocolate and I like cocoa nibs so this looked like a home run.

Like all their other bars, this one has been given a cute little name that attempts to capture both its spirit and the purpose that the company has in mind for it. It’s called “Lunatic” and has the ability to, in their words, “cool the monthly madness”. Now, I can’t even begin to determine if it can do that, so it is probably best I just focus on the taste of the chocolate instead. I should note that it is infused with Maca, just like the banana bar and that I do like their quirky packaging.

Anyway, the bar. The chocolate is a very robust 73%, with a blend of beans from the Dominican Republic and Ecuador, and has a nice deep taste that is able to withstand both the other items mixed in. They’ve done a really good job with the amount of peppermint oil used – the mint is as dominant as it should be and it floods your palate right from the start, then hangs around until the end. There’s absolutely no mistaking that this is minty chocolate – it isn’t particularly subtle but that’s the whole point.

The generous helping of nibs throughout serve a couple of functions – they add the obvious texture to the bar, but more importantly they give some intense bursts of bitterness that punctuate the mint. It has depth and it has dimensions, and is one of the better new bars I’ve tried in quite a while. I like this one a lot.

So I can happily recommend Zazubean Mint & Cocoa Nibs, but only if you are already partial to mint chocolate. You can let me know if it stops you howling at the moon.


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  1. You’ve never seen mint and cacao nib together?! I’ve been making Innocence flavour with this combo for a couple of years now. Such a beautiful marriage! (You can check out my chocolates here:

    Also wanted to drop you a line to tell you thank you for your lovely reviews. I absolutely LOVE reading them and gazing at the porn – erm, pictures of chocolate. Your honesty is refreshing.

    Many kudos to you!
    Lisa Marie
    Chief Chocolate-Maker
    Rite Chocolate

  2. Great to see a review of another Zazubean bar. I have just started doing chocolate reviews and tried their Hottie bar. You can see my review here:

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