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One of the peculiar things about working for Chocablog is that I rarely have any idea what any of the other writers are up to until I read their reviews. Dom and I will occasionally consult as to what we have ‘in the pipeline’ but generally it’s a mystery. Sometimes I’ll read a review and think “Oh, I wish I’d had that.” or “I wonder where I can get some of that from?” and Dom’s recent reviews of Zotter’s bars had me thinking those exact thoughts.

As you know Zotter are an Austrian company, so you can imagine my delight when, whilst strolling through Vienna airport I came across a chocolate shop selling a huge range of their bars. I still had to exercise some restraint (what with the hot weather and a good week of travelling left), so I restricted myself to a small handful of bars, and this is the first I’d like to draw your attention to, and I think it might be the most conventional Zotter bar we’ve reviewed on Chocablog.

The bar is as you might expect (especially if you’ve read previous Zotter reviews here. An impressive looking slab enrobed in Zotter’s 50% organic ‘Dark Mountain’ chocolate filled with ‘butter-caramel cream’. Sounds yummy, no?

I believe Dom has already made mention of Zotter’s Organic & Fairtrade credentials, and this bar is no exception. The milk is provided by organic Tyrolean mountain farmers and almost every ingredient is organic, with a good deal of them also being Fairtrade. What surprised me was when I started to break into the bar.

Not what I had expected at all (although I’m not sure what I actually expected). What we have here is a layer of butter caramel sitting atop a softer bottom layer made with nuts, cocoa and more butter.

The bar gives off waves of intense nut-and-cocoa aromas, and the caramel contains small fragments of what taste like butterscotch, making the overall flavour very, very buttery with hints of nuts and cocoa, topped off with a thin layer of dark chocolate. I’d kind of expected more chocolate and less filling, but I have to admit I wasn’t too disappointed. This bar delivers tons of buttery, crunchy, creamy flavours, and while the chocolate purists among you won’t necessarily approve, those who enjoy a sweet nibble with lots of buttery, rich caramel will adore it.


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  1. It looks delicious and very tempting for us caramel lovers!

  2. Looks yummy. I like Chocolate with other items in it – nuts, mint, peanut butter, caramel, etc., so this one looks like a good one for me. I’ve been on the South Beach Diet for one week now and am in Phase 1 so can’t have any Chocolate for the 1st two weeks. One more week to go.


  3. What the heck is the South Beach diet? Are you eating sand and seaweed or something?

  4. Saffie x

    Oh my goodness, I need a bar, now! 🙂

  5. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Just tried this for the first time myself. It really is very, very buttery. It’s kind of moreish but a little sickly at the same time.

  6. Definitely one of those bars I would eat over a few days.

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