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Although I didn’t realise it at the time of purchase, Mitzi Blue is an offshoot of the slightly eccentric Zotter brand. A quick look at the web site reveals that there are a couple of dozen Mitzi Blue products available (I deliberately avoided ‘bars’ or ‘slabs’ for reasons that will become aparent shortly).

As you can see, the ‘ML’ stands for ‘Mit Liebe’ – ‘With Love’ for you non-German speakers out there, and like all of Josef Zotter’s creations the majority of the ingredients are either Organic, Fairtrade or both. only the salt and soya lecithin are neither. So why did I refrain from describing this product as a bar or slab?

Here’s why.

It’s a disc, divided into 11 pieces (using some strange methodology). and what struck me at first was how ‘un-white’ the white chocolate is. It’s more of a waxy colour, and I’m assuming that this may well be because the cocoa butter hasn’t been chemically bleached (they do that sometimes y’know). We tasted unbleached white chocolate at a Thornton’s event a while ago, and it makes a big difference to the flavour).

Flip the disc over, and here’s another surprise.

Flowers. Cornflowers, roses and marigolds, to be exact. As you can see, the cornflowers seem to have the upper hand here (they’re the blue bits) but there are plenty of the other blooms in there as well. It’s similar to the Labooko ‘Blumenstrauss’ bar that Dom reviewed, but without the daisies.

Taste wise, the chocolate does indeed have much more depth of flavour than an ‘ordinary’ white chocolate. There’s a richness you don’t find, and it’s much less sweet than a regular white chocolate. The flowers add a rather pleasant and subtly fragrant element to the overall taste of the chocolate. It’s still a little on the sweet side (too sweet for me to enjoy more than a piece or two at a time) but there’s a depth of flavour here that makes it so much more than just another white chocolate. Definitely not for kids (especially with a Zotter price tag!) and probably too unusual for everyday consumption, this is nonetheless a very interesting creation, typical of the Zotter product range. I like it in the same way Dom liked his flowery Austrian chocolate.

You can buy Zotter chocolate online – there are links from their UK website and you’ll get this as Mitzi Blue ‘LO’. There’s also a great little Zotter chocolate song and a short movie telling ‘the story of Mitzi Blue’ (below), from which I learned that Mitzi Blue bars come in many forms. These videos are also proof that Herr Zotter is bonkers, but we kind of already knew that.



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  1. Wow, I had no idea “traditional” white chocolate was bleached and because of this sweeter. I HATE traditional white chocolate. It about the grossest thing there is. Mitzi Blue white chocolate sounds really yummy!

    Thanks, learned something new today!!!

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