Kallari 75% & 85%

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Kallari 75% & 85%

Here are the other two bars from Kallari, this time with green and blue leaves. I was expecting them to taste much like the 70%, but it turns out that each bar is distinctive while still maintaining a Kallari style.

The 75% has a red depth to its smell, which continues into the taste. A little bit of bitterness gets in there, too, with fruit at the end. “Passion fruit and mahogany notes” is how they describe it. The chocolate is cool in its remarkable cleanness, yet warm in its softness or “delicate” feel.

Kallari 75% & 85%

It’s a slightly bigger jump up to 85%, so this one naturally strikes (well, not as harsh as that) you some with its calm darkness. The cocoa flavor is steady with an interesting depth. It kind of tastes a little blue like the leaf cover. I think it must be the gentlest 85% I’ve had, and yes, it’s delicate, too.

All three of these have a certain underlying sweetness that acts subtley on the palate. It’s hard to think of it as “sweetness” just because that word kind of has a bad connotation to me, but it’s a pure and good sweetness. It adds just the right personality. So Kallari scores high on both the taste and ethics charts.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Deanna… you seem to be tasting/smelling in colours an awful lot lately… I’m not entirely sure what red smells like though.. 🙂

  2. Oh, I guess I have been been using a lot of colors. They seem to translate well into chocolate somehow. “Red” isn’t exactly the “fruity” or “berry,” but still sort of along those lines. It’s rich and bold. . .

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