Zotter Olives With Lemon

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Zotter Olives With Lemon

It’s time for something weird and wonderful from Zotter – that slightly mad Austrian bean-to-bar chocolate maker. This time we have a 60% dark chocolate with an olive and lemon filling – something which sounds positively tame by normal Zotter standards.

The first thing I like to do with a Zotter bar is check the ingredients. Not because there’s anything bad there (the bar is certified organic and fair trade), but simply because they tend to use even more bizarre ingredients that don’t get a mention on the front of the wrapper. This time, we have such delights as lime, full cream milk, cane sugar brandy, honey, hazelnuts and birds eye chilli.


Zotter Olives With Lemon

The format is the same as the Cheese, Walnuts & Raisins bar and primarily consists of a thick slab of filling with a thin coating of chocolate. It’s the same 60% dark chocolate used in that bar too, which while pleasant enough, isn’t spectacular.

But it’s the filling that’s the main event…

Zotter Olives With Lemon

The inside of the bar is divided into two layers. The top, pale yellow layer seems to contain the citrus flavours, and the bottom layer is what I can only describe as an olive oil ganache.

The bar consists of 7% olives and olive oil. Not being a fan of olives, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to it, but as it turned out, I enjoyed it a lot. The olive flavour isn’t too strong (something that’s fine by me!) and is mostly overpowered by the sharp, citrusy lemon hit that greets you every time you pop a piece into your mouth.

The inside of the wrapper contains the words “The passionate and fresh lemon conquers the olive, an all-rounder with a strong character”, which I think sums this bar up rather well. The olive flavour is definitely there, but the lemon is so intense that it doesn’t stand a chance of coming to the front.

Unfortunately, neither does the chocolate, but that’s not really an issue. You don’t buy one of these filled Zotter bars to savour the cocoa flavours, you buy it for the wonderfully strange flavour combinations inside. So while I don’t think I’d buy this regularly, I ‘m certainly glad I got to try it.


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  1. Oh wow, olives and chocolate! what a bizarre combination. It’s great that you spot all these weird bars. I’m definitely very curious about such mix.

  2. Very very nice! I like these chocolates.

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