EZA Mascao Cappuccino

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EZA Mascao Cappuccino

Here we are again, the great Coffee/Chocolate debate rears its ugly head once again. An often used but seldom-perfected combination, coffee and chocolate seems to be one of the really tough flavour pairings. Bought in Vienna, this bar has excellent Fairtrade and Organic credentials, with the majority of the ingredients being both. It’s a milk chocolate bar with a coffee cream filling made from actual real coffee, so I was optimistic.

The milk chocolate used in this bar is a fairly hefty 35% and it does have some promising flavours. However these are soon obliterated by the overpowering and slightly sickly coffee flavour contained within each square. When I say sickly I mean just that. Eating more than a couple of squares in succession would have been too much for me!

A glance at the ingredients gave me a clue as to why – 38% fat and 50% carbohydrate – hardly healthy stuff then.

Regardless of whether you’d be able to hear your pulse slowing as you ate a whole bar, I just found the coffee didn’t work. Too rich, very like the old coffee Revels we all knew and hated, and as such, best avoided – by me at least.


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  1. Don’t know if you’d agree, Simon, but I think the coffee can go well with the chocolate, when the coffee is subtle and used more to lift the flavour than to contribute. What I mean is, if you can tell it’s coffee, there is too much.

    That, and keeping the fat and sugar a bit on the low side 🙂

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