Kopali Organics Dark Chocolate Covered Banana

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The problem I usually have with chocolate covered items is the quality or type of chocolate. And if the chocolate isn’t right, I get bored. This Dark Chocolate Covered Banana packet from Kopali Organics was essentially an impulse buy; probably I was most interested in finding another rare chocolate/banana pairing. But happy I became to also find the chocolate half quite satisfactory.

Kopali Organics fits well in stores like Whole Foods based on all the eco-empowerment type phrases on the package. They have both Fair Trade and USDA Organic certification and heavily emphasize working with farmers and the environment, ultimately to produce a nutritious and conscious produce. The name Kopali comes from the Nahuatl word for incense, usually associated specifically with tree resins; the tree, of course, takes on all of its symbolic meaning. All good and admirable so far.

You’ll notice that these individual pieces don’t have a shiny finish. For the banana element, both dried banana and rice flour are added in. So a medium thickness of chocolate surrounds small pieces of chewy banana. No crunch, but it isn’t gummy, either. As far as the chocolate I praised, its sweetener is evaporated cane juice and its flavor earthy. It isn’t too dark, does have a light sweet effect, and has enough flavor complexity to keep me interested. Of course, the banana infuses itself into even the solid chocolate, causing part of that complexity.

Kopali Organics has scored on many important levels with this product. They have given me the elusive banana pairing in a way that is neither false nor sticky-sweet nor overly pretentious. It’s a product that tastes good apart from its healthy, eco-friendly tenets. And I think the world is growing more and more appreciative of such tenets. Kopali also makes chocolate covered espresso beans, goji berries, mulberries and cacao nibs if you need more variety. The banana’s worthiness, at least, as a chocolate snack I can vouch for.


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  1. I agree with you on a dislike for the quality of chocolate covered items! Many I find are ‘chocolate flavoured coated’…hmmm. These do look good however.

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